'Ghost Adventures' recap: 'Exorcist House'

Courtesy: The Travel Channel

Another Friday night brings an all new episode of "Ghost Adventures." However, this episode commemorates their 100th episode and this investigation is one that fans, and the crew, have been waiting for. The guys will face lockdown in the house that inspired the 1973 horror classic, "The Exorcist."

The show opens to the playing of the film's eerie theme, "Tubular Bells," while showing a picturesque home in St. Louis, Missouri; a home that underwent one of the most infamous exorcisms in modern history.

"Robbie", a 13-year-old Maryland boy and his aunt (or grandmother) often played with a Ouija board. Not long after, the boy began showing symptoms of demonic possession. After having the word "Louis" repeatedly appear on his flesh out of nowhere, his mother took him to St. Louis to visit family and get him help. On March 16, 1949, Father William Bowdern lead the exorcism that would later inspire William Peter Blatty to write "The Exorcist."

When the crew arrive at the home, they receive a call from historian and researcher, Jeff Belanger. He set up an interview with Father Bowdern's great-niece, Eileen, so the crew can gain a better understanding of the events that took place there. One problem: she refuses to go anywhere near the house.

They meet up and begin talking about "Robbie." She tells them how he was seemingly obsessed with the Ouija board around the time he became possessed and warns that "Ouija boards open doors." Eileen also believes that the demonic presence from the exorcism has been absorbed into the very foundation of the house, which is why she refuses to go near it. She recalls what her great uncle went through, and how he was affected. She strongly believes that whatever is inside that house would recognize him inside of her.

The most recent investigation took place in 2009 by a gentleman named Greg. He reveals that because of what happened during his investigation, he hasn't been inside of the house since. The crew steps into the house and walk up the stairs to the room where the exorcism took place. Once in the room, Greg tells them that the last time he stood there he felt disoriented and very afraid and that there was an intense heat on his face. One of his fellow investigators, a nurse, noticed the white figure of a cross appearing in the midst of his suddenly blistered skin.

While outside taking a break, a neighbor comes over to discuss the house. He admits he's never been inside the house, nor does he have any desire to enter it. Having lived next door for a number of years he has seen a string of residents come and go, all appearing to suffer from bad luck ranging from money troubles to divorce. Zak and the neighbor hear a sound, like a rock hitting a window, so Zak goes inside to see what could have made the sound. The upstairs window is cracked, but the current residents refuse to talk about any paranormal/demonic occurrences, so they can't claim this as evidence.

Zak, Aaron and Nick then meet with renowned Demonologist, Dr. William Bradshaw. Having witnessed many exorcisms, he warns the crew that they can go very wrong. He claims that demons essentially see the future, especially the potential of sensitive children, making them motivated to stop that potential from being realized.

Nick asks if demons can effect your health, to which he gives a hearty "Yes." He also says that once they do begin to affect you in such a manner, that there is no way you can get rid of it alone and that you need to seek the help of a professional. All three members of the team have been the targets of demonic possession throughout the years, so they are all understandably nervous for lockdown. Zak asks Dr. Bradshaw if he believes that they're in any danger, and he states that "If Satan thinks you're a threat, you should worry."

Before the lockdown begins, the guys receive word that Father Jack Ashcroft ("Sedamsville Rectory" investigation) will not be joining them, as he had a medical emergency on the way to the investigation and had to go to the hospital. Bill Chappell, inventor of paranormal devices and known skeptic, will be joining them.

At the nerve-center, the crew are having a debate over the use of a Ouija board. Greg lent them a vintage 1940s board to use as a trigger object. Zak and Nick say it's no different from any of the devices that they use already, but Aaron seems to think it's a bad idea. During the discussion, they notice that the thermal camera in "Robbie's" room is completely dead, despite having fresh batteries. Zak and Nick go inside to put in new batteries and begin the lockdown. They opt to take the Ouija board.

The lockdown begins with an EVP burst (quick session & playback) in the entryway of the house, but no results are captured. Nick and Zak go upstairs to change the battery on the thermal camera and set up the board on the bed with the SB-7 placed upon it. They begin asking questions and almost immediately get responses. Zak asks if the entities can tell him the name of the man who was attacked in the room and receives "he needs help" in response. That's when things get pretty creepy.

Zak- "What happened here in 1949?"
Response- "Ouija board." "TROUBLE."

The responses came through very close together, however they came through in different voices, with "TROUBLE" coming through in a very forceful voice. Nick looks at Zak and immediately recognizes that something is wrong. He tells Zak that he looks weird and gets off of the bed. What happened next was one of the most chilling moments in Ghost Adventures history.

Zak- "Can you tell me your name? Who's here?"
Response- "Devil." "DIABLO."

Zak- "What do you want?"
Response- "Come in demon."

After these responses, again all different voices, the activity ceases and the guys head back to nerve center to review the audio they just captured. While reviewing, Jay Wasley and Bill Chappell set up a video experiment in "Robbie's" room, where Aaron will be trying to make contact alone. Bill sets up a device that simultaneously tracks and measures any changes in temperature, humidity and barometric pressure along with the Kinect camera.

At first, all seems well for Aaron, until he begins provoking the entity. The temperature then raises by 5 degrees and the humidity increases by 10-15%. Both Aaron and Bill (who is sitting in the hallway outside and not physically in the room with Aaron) feel a strange electric charge.

While watching the monitor, Aaron's form mysteriously disappears and begins flashing in and out from the Kinect camera. Nerve center asks Bill what's going on, and he can't explain it. Soon after this occurs, Aaron begins to feel some negative effects and opts to step out into the hall with Bill.

Nick and Zak go back into the room, with Aaron taking pictures on with an infrared camera. As Zak demands that the entity manifest itself in the name of Jesus Christ, a strange and inexplicable anomaly appears on the Kinect screen behind him. Bill says it seems to be trying to map something else in the room. The anomaly appears as a blue ball, which furiously shakes at the same time Zak mentions Jesus Christ. Unable to see this happening, he mentions that he feels a cold draft behind him at the exact moment the anomaly shoots towards him.

While reviewing evidence in the nerve center, the static camera in the entryway picks up an extremely loud bang coming from upstairs. However, no one hears it at the time because they had the volume turned down.

After the investigation, Nick meets up with Father Ashcroft to go over the audio evidence they captured. Nick asks him about that night and he informs him that on the way to the house, he experienced severe stomach pains and had to go to the hospital. As it turns out, he was severely dehydrated, but believes that a demonic force may have kept him from making it to the home. Upon hearing the audio, he points out the difference between the voices that are responding and mentions that when demons are involved, more than one will generally be around.

Eight seasons and 100 episodes later, "Ghost Adventures" is still delivering compelling and terrifying evidence of the paranormal. Here's to another eight seasons, guys! Now, if we could only get Zak to pronounce "Ouija" correctly...

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