Monsterverse Entertainment Welcomes 'Halloween Man'

Good news for fans of Solar City’s “monster-bashing undead hero,” Halloween Man!" His creator, Drew Edwards, has signed a deal that will get the horror hero wide exposure.

The deal is with Kerry Gammill’s Monsterverse Entertainment and they’ll not only be presenting "Halloween Man"’s back catalog on ComiXology and other digital outlets but the creative team will be developing new tales for a monthly digital comic.

A little background from the press release on the 13-year-old Halloween Man for those who haven’t met him yet:

“Halloween Man” began life over a decade ago as a web comic. Now in the era of digital download, the horror hero will enter a new stage in his life. Monsterverse will first digitally release “Halloween Man”'s crossover with Hack/Slash, followed by the graphic novel "Superdeformed," which features art by Nicola Scott and David Baldeon, and an all-new tale that dives into the world of high fantasy, entitled "Cry Havoc!"

According to creator, Drew Edwards, they’re working on a return to print for a new one-shot adventure in 2014, “We’re excited to be a part of such an amazing line of horror-centric comics.”

Monsterverse also publishes the anthology series Bela Lugosi's “Tales from the Grave” and the “Hammer Horror tinged Flesh & Blood.”

-Larissa Mrykalo