'The Walking Dead' recap: 'Infected'

Courtesy: Screencrush.com

Who fed that rat to the blank eyed zombie? Could it be Lizzy? Are they doing it to draw in the zombies?

I was scared for a moment that Patrick was going to eat Karen by the way they were focusing on her at the beginning of the episode. It’s generally a bad sign when they focus in on one character. That’s how you know they’re on the way out. My prediction is that Karen will be dead by the end of the episode.

Who was that guy that Patrick ate anyway? I guess he was a former Woodburian, but I don’t remember him.

While Rick and Carl are working in the farm, all hell breaks loose in Cell Block D. One zombie quickly leads to several. None of the major characters are infected, but several zombies try to attack Michonne as she reenters the camp. She doesn’t get bitten, but she does twist her ankle.

After all of the commotion dies down, Rick finds one of the walkers alone in his cell with no obvious bites or injuries. That is how he knows the sickness is what killed him, and the council decides to quarantine anyone that exhibits any signs of sickness.

Carol has a touching moment with Ryan after he was bitten. At first she thinks she can amputate his arm to save him, but then she realizes that he’s been bitten on the back of the neck. I guess she could always amputate his head?

Lizzy was going to stab her own dad in the head, but she couldn’t follow through. It turns out that Lizzy is more saddened by the death of her beloved zombie Nick than her own father.

Whoever fed the zombies the rats did a good job of dragging them in. As the zombies push on the fence, it almost topples over. Rick steps up and makes a plan to take the pigs outside of the fence to draw the walkers away. I feel terrible for those piglets and almost couldn’t watch it.

Carol pleads with Carl not to tell Rick about her story time survival class, but then he gets on board with her plan and gets his dad to go along with it too.

Michonne acts weird with Judith. At first she doesn’t want to touch her, but then she becomes very motherly towards her. It makes you wonder if Michonne lost a child.

Ty goes to check on Karen and bring her flowers when he notices that she’s missing and her cell is filled with blood. He follows the trail outside and sees her extra crispy corpse. Someone killed Karen and the other guy that was sick to try to stop the spreading of the illness. I don’t know who did it, but it’s obviously not the same person that has been feeding the walkers.

Smaller Bites:
-Well, that was a short lived romance for poor Ty.

-Rick decides to start carrying his gun again after he figures out that the only way to survive is to resort to violence.

-RIP pigs.

-Holy intestines!!! Since a lot wasn’t going on in this episode, they made it extra gory to compensate.

-Mama likey.

The next episode of "The Walking Dead," "Isolation" airs Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.