'Vamplets' and a 'Zombie Tramp' Lead Action Lab Into Halloween


Looking for a little indie comic Halloween hijinks? Allow me to point you towards Action Lab and a couple of new titles. Action Lab is releasing a number of titles primarily through digital delivery means, making it totally unnecessary to take time out of your day to schlep on down to the local comic shop. Don't worry, they still print puh-LENTY of physical issues that are to die for. However, if you're looking for a little easy access Halloween flavor, give a looksee to these titles:

Want a gateway drug to all things gothic for the little ones? Perfect! You'll definitely want to check out "Vamplets!" "Vamplets" is based on the hit toy line created by Gayle Middleton, who had a strong hand in redesigning and revamping (get it?) the My Little Pony line. Action Lab jumped on the bandwagon and has produced a storyline wherein an unsuspecting babysitter has taken on the job of watching after the little monsterlings. Not only are they cute, they're also dangerous. And hungry.

Now that the kiddies have been distracted with "Vamplets" (after you've read it through and through...just to make sure it's kid safe, right?), the adults get to have some horrified humor with the return of "Zombie Tramp!" It's funny, it's gory, and she's slutty.

The Tain Train of Terror is waiting for you to climb aboard as Janey Belle is joined by a new sidekick in the search for something that was lost. The first volume was raved about and the second is looking to be just as strong, so don't miss it! This one is being released under the mature readers line of Danger Zone comics produced by Action Lab, so don't be surprised by the risque dress and the blooday story (Hey, I had to make it rhyme).

Got a little more time and a little more space on the tablet? Zoom on over and check out the newest release by industry darling, Jamal Igle, and his own creation, "Molly Danger." We're not talking horror, blood and guts here, but don't be surprised if any of the really cool kids don't dress up as Molly this Halloween or start showing up at comic cons near you! Molly Danger was finally released this year and claimed a ton of great reviews, so jump on board to see what the hype over the Princess of Finesse is really all about. You want action, Molly delivers!

All of these titles, and more, are being released exclusively in digital format. Go on over to ComiXology and download them. Action Lab is making sure their content is using the latest and greatest tech, otherwise known as Guided View comics, to make your experience the best it can be. Guided View comics are optimized to focus in and move from panel to panel, which is simply awesome if you're using a small screen like your iPhone or Android smartphone. 'Tis the season to be scary!