Who is Haunting the McKinney Ad Agency?

You may not have heard of the national ad agency, McKinney but we guarantee that you’ve seen some of their work. For example, does that Nationwide Insurance ad with the giant baby ring a bell? They also work for Travelocity, Sherwin-Williams and Mizuno. Oh and by the way, their headquarters in the former Lucky Strike tobacco warehouse is purported to be haunted.

Since setting up shop in the warehouse back in 2004, reports of unexplained happenings in the offices have been reported. According to the agency’s Communication Manager, Joel Richardson, “Some here believe the spirits of some of the thousands of people who worked on this site for over a century may still linger. So we've begun an investigation of our own, asking: Who's Haunting McKinney.”

At 9 p.m. on October 30, they will be broadcasting “using an array of Google technology (Google Hangouts and Google Glass) to document a live, interactive séance from our office. We have invited medium Melissa Peil to assist us and we’ll be taking questions from the online community to determine who’s haunting McKinney.”

So make your Halloween Eve extra spooky and check out this live investigation experience. Report back to us anything you discover!

-Larissa Mrykalo