Brian J. Cano Speaks About 'Haunted Collector' Cancellation

Image Courtesy of Ali Cotton Photography
For fans of Syfy’s “Haunted Collector,” Halloween did not yield very good news. As we reported, John Zaffis took to social media and reported that the show would not be returning. The show's tech specialist, Brian J. Cano, also commented on the news and promised to elaborate at a later time.

On Tuesday, November 5, he made good on his promise. Cano took to his blog and presented his thoughts and feelings about the show and his experience. The biggest surprise was that, based on his response, it was clear that the news came as a shock to him and he clarified that confirmation of the news came later via an email from the production company.

Well Brian gave us a little more info in a brief interview, where he addressed rumors about the show's demise. Regarding our question about "Collector" production company Gurney getting bought out by ITV -- and it driving up the asking price for Syfy -- Cano said it was "above my pay grade."

"I'm an investigator, not an actor, so the politics of companies and networks usually pass over my head."

He also said "the rumors are unfounded" that Zaffis didn't want to travel internationally for the show, which is what prompted Syfy to pull the plug.

Cano did point to a recent Syfy comment on Twitter that the ratings simply weren't where they needed to be.

That tweet from Syfy is pretty boilerplate but also, unfortunately, true. For as much of a fanbase as "Haunted Collector" seemed to have, not enough people tuned in.

Speaking of those fans, Cano demonstrated his gratefulness to the fans and the many friendships he has made. The outpouring from fans of the show, upon hearing the news, was deep. He mentions, "I coined the Internet hashtag #Collectors to identify those fans of our show and I too will always be a #Collector."

-Larissa Mrykalo