'Dead Sexy' book a 'Walking Dead' fan guide to zombie style

Courtesy Amazon.com
Riverdale Avenue Books is teaming up with author, Paula Conway ("Throw a True Blood Party") to bring readers "Dead Sexy: The Walking Dead Guide to Zombie Style, Beauty, Parties and a Ghoul-Lurching UNlifestyle."

The UNlifestyle guide takes place amidst the zombie apocalypse, where most people around us are members of the undead. Going from this angle, the UNlifestyle guide will include a section on zombie dating guidelines, zombie etiquette from celeb etiquette expert, Dawn Bryan, and "dead sexy" travel destinations. Lori Perkins, Riverdale Avenue Books publisher, says that your Halloween parties will never be the same after Dead Sexy!

While the guide itself already sounds amazing, it also offers over 70 exclusive deals with discounts on fashion, beauty, food, travel and more!

“This is the second-ever private sale in a book with targeted merchandise for readers, companies that want to reach a particular demographic have a unique medium to offer a limited-time sale and a first-look at products that are rare and different," author Paula Conway stated.

The deals include offers and discounts from over 70 brands, including Rocky Brand's Durango Boots, Brad's Raw Foods, and The Queen Mary Hotel. To redeem these, you need a unique code, which you can only get by purchasing the book. For $9.99, it is available as in print and as an ebook, through Amazon and Barnes and Noble. When you factor in all the discounts and fabulous zompoc advice, it seems a little like robbing the grave. Snatch up your copy today and let us know what you think!

-Nowal Massari