'Doctor Who' 50th Anniversary Special Lands a Guinness World Record

Image Courtesy of the BBC
The "Doctor Who" 50th anniversary episode, "The Day of the Doctor" received a Guinness World Record. The 75-minute-long special episode earned the record for the largest ever simulcast of a TV drama. The BBC released a statement confirming that the episode was broadcast across six continents and in 94 countries.

With over 500K tickets sold, the episode was also screened in over 1500 theaters worldwide, including 3D screenings in the US, UK, Canada, Latin America, Germany, Russia, and Scandinavia.

Steven Moffatt, showrunner for "Doctor Who," said of receiving the award, "For years the Doctor has been stopping everyone else from conquering the world. Now, just to show off, he's gone and done it himself!"  "The Day of the Doctor" drew in 10.2 million viewers on BBC One, with another 1.36 million tuning into "Doctor Who Live: The Afterparty," on BBC 3.

-Nowal Massari