'Grimm' Recap: 'El Cucuy'

Courtesy Grimm wikia

Opening Quote:
Sleep child, sleep now… Or else the Bogeyman will come and eat you.

This week it appears that the Portland Police Department hasn’t been doing a very good job of protecting its citizens. A young gas station clerk, Andres, is brutally attacked during a robbery. His sobbing mother prays for justice over his comatose form in the hospital. In a motel across town, an angry Wesen is watching the news and learns of her son’s attack.

Before Nick can deal with this new issue, Juliette confronts him about the email from the last episode. She gets pretty pissy about it too. I suppose she might be slightly justified since she doesn't know Nick’s mother is alive. Since Juliette was in her sleeping beauty coma when Nick learned his mother was alive, she’s out of the loop. I hope Mama Burkhardt comes back soon. I need her to put the smack down on Juliette. Especially when she fancies herself a hacker and tracks down that Mama Burkhardt sent the email from an ip address in Slovenia.

Adalind gets an ultrasound. I guess Hexenbiest babies don’t look any different than normal ones. Renard’s people have her under surveillance, and soon learn her sneaky little dirty secret. The ultrasound images are sent to Renard. Aww, it’s almost like he gets to be there. Only he doesn't look very happy.

Our nefarious villains from the gas station decide to rob a convenience store. Apparently they didn't listen to their mama’s stories about the Bogeyman. As they make their escape, our angry Wesen catches up to them and rips them apart. Personally, I don’t mind violent vigilante Wesen. I’m a law abiding citizen.

Nick and Hank show up to view the crime scene and talk to a middle-aged Hispanic man who described hearing a scream like a pack of dogs. They find the robbers’ car, their wallets, and the loot. It doesn't take much to figure out that the dead Hispanic guys are the ones who robbed the store. They start trying to identify possible witnesses. They find three. A sweet little old lady, and two men. All claim that they didn't see anything. After a lot of pressuring, the last guy tells them about a man named Bolton, who raises fighting dogs. He figures maybe they got out.

Unsurprisingly, Bolton turns out to be Wesen. He kind of looks like a really big hairless chihuahua. He gets a little violent and very yappy when Nick and Hank show up, so they arrest him and his dogs. They all get hauled in for questioning.

Monroe and Rosalee have achieved cohabitation bliss at his place. She answers the phone, and it’s Monroe’s mother. An adorably cute but brief conversation ensues. Monroe hasn't told his parents about Rosalee. Rosalee hasn't told her family either. Who has time for things like that? The entire gang gathers at Monroe’s for dinner and wine.

Of course, the Wesen are consulted about what particular monster they might be dealing with this week. They decide that chihuahua guy is some sort of Egyptian Wesen whose name means "Beast from Hell." They were used to guard the pharaohs of ancient Egypt. They aren't very bright, since they never figured out they were being buried alive.

Our vigilante is keeping busy and dispatches another lowlife. This rapist followed a woman off a bus and attacked her on a deserted street. When the Grimm Team questions her, she says that “El Cucuy” killed the man and that everyone knows who he is. Everyone except Nick and Hank. So Nick asks Juliette when he gets home. She explains that El Cucuy is the Bogeyman. Her grandmother used to threaten her with him when she didn't go to bed or
didn't eat her vegetables. Ah, fun times.

They go off to visit Pilar, the Hispanic witch that Juliette has consulted a few times. She tells them a story from her childhood very similar to what is happening here. She believes that El Cucuy wanders until a great many voices call out for it. Then it comes and kills all the bad guys. Seems good to me. A trip to the Trailer is in order. Only now Juliette gets to help. She’s enjoying reading all of the gruesome fairy tales, but they don’t find anything about El Cucuy.

Bolton has meanwhile been released from police custody and is back on the streets. Being the pleasant man that he is, he beats the snot out of a young man named Flores. He is a former marine who is suffering a bit of PTSD. He has shown up at all of the crime scenes and harangued the police for not doing more to make his neighborhood safe.

Sgt. Wu comes through again and delivers the surveillance video from the bus the rapist was on. The little old lady from the convenience store was on that same bus. Looks like Mrs. Garcia might know more than she is letting on. They are nice enough to go to her apartment and pick her up. Only they get sidetracked by a call.

Flores has gone over to Bolton’s house to get some payback. Instead he is getting the crap beat out of him when Nick and Hank show up. They leave Mrs. Garcia in the car and jump into the fight. They send dog boy back inside and haul Flores back to the car, only to find that the sweet little old lady they left there is gone. Don’t worry, she’s not far away.

Mrs. Garcia is inside the house waiting for Bolton. She turns into El Cucuy and rips him apart, only stopping when Nick catches her at it. She puts on her innocent grandma face and sweetly says “I didn't know you were a Grimm.” She may be 77-years-old, but she knows they can’t convict her of anything even though she has Bolton’s blood all over her dress. At the police station, Renard, Nick, and Hank just gape at her story, and then let her go. Watch out evil-doers, grandma's on the loose!

The next episode of "Grimm," “Stories We Tell Our Young”, airs on NBC, Friday
December 6 at 9 p.m. ET.