'Grimm' recap: 'PTZD'

Courtesy NBC

Opening Quote: “It is not more surprising to be born twice than once; everything in nature is resurrection.”

Post Traumatic Zombie Disorder strikes Portland.

Zombie Nick is still roaming the countryside with Monroe and Hank in pursuit. He proceeds to terrorize a picturesque family who have just arrived home. Nick invites himself in by breaking through the door while the family runs screaming upstairs. Fortunately the screams draw the attention of Monroe, who has briefly lost the scent in the woods. They step in and try to subdue the crazed Grimm, who exhibits some extraordinary reflexes. Again setting us up for a new and more powerful Grimm when this is all over.

The pair flee the house and call Renard and the ladies for some backup. Nick pursues the pair into the barn and up into a hayloft, because no zombie story is complete without a barn. Renard, Rosalee and Juliette show up just in time to defuse the angry homeowner. They tell him the crazed lunatic in his barn is Thomas Scherack, the name on Nick's fake passport so conveniently provided by Renard's evil brother.

In the end, it takes the entire group to bring Zombie Nick down. Rosalee and Juliette are able to inject him with the antidote and he collapses. They haul him off to The Spice Shop and handcuff him to a bed. He wakes up, of course, after a lot of hand-ringing by Juliette.

Meanwhile, Capt. Renard has returned to the police station. He gets a cryptic text message which prompts him to turn on the news. The newscasters deliver some happy news for once, his brother Eric has been killed. There won't be any mourning in Portland. He also gets a nice call from his mother thanking him for his good work. Unfortunately, he also gets the news that one of the rednecks that Nick beat up in the Tippy Canoe, has died from his injuries. Uh oh, Nick's now a murderer. Cue the overly contrived guilt. Fortunately, we all know that Renard took care of the cameras in the bar, so there's no evidence that Nick was there. Don't we all like it now that he's on the good guys side?

At The Spice Shop, Nick has no memory of what happened to him, so his friends decide not to tell him all the gory details. Juliette takes him home to sleep off the rest of his zombie-ism. While I enjoy the new, not as pathetic Juliette, they sure moved on from the “dating stage” they were exploring in the season finale. She wakes in the night and finds that Nick is blue and unresponsive. Oh my! He appears to be dead again. As she prepares to start CPR and call 911, he wakes up, not particular upset that she is on top of him. It's a good thing, I don't think CPR is a very smart thing to do to a zombie anyway. This second (or third?) resurrection would appear to be our opening quote reference this week, which is Voltaire by the way.

The group decides to keep the whole murderer thing from Nick, after wavering endlessly about what really is the right thing to do. Renard coaches Rosalee and Juliette through their story and they settle down to wait for the investigating detectives to track them down. Rosalee and Capt. Renard perform flawlessly, but Nick is home when they show up for Juliette. I believe they didn't think this whole thing through very well.

When he realizes that he's killed someone, he is overcome by the horrifying guilt and decides that he has to turn himself in. It's like he has forgotten that he has killed more than a few wesen without turning them over to the authorities. Bah. Whatever. After ignoring the pleas of his friends to see it there way, he heads off to the police station.

Luckily for Portland, Renard stops him and pulls him into his office to show him the surveillance tapes from the bar. You know, the ones he stole after he broke the system to keep Nick from being identified. Anyway, it shows that the man who died had attacked Nick with a knife, so it was clearly a case of a poor zombie defending himself from a redneck with a knife. Nick wavers and keeps his nasty little secret to himself.

While Portland has been recovering from a small zombie outbreak, Adalind has still been hard at work to get her hexenbeist powers back. She has finally managed to gather all of her dead magic flowers. Now she has to put them into Frau Perch's nasty corpse and sew her shut. Of course, she has to cut the thread covered in nasty gore with her teeth for the spell to be effective. Yum. Magic mist starts to rise from her hard work, so you know she did a good job.

After it gets to ripen awhile, Stefania the Gypsy Queen hands her a jar. She then cuts open all of Adalind's careful stitches on poor Frau Perch's corpse. It's now all filled up with visceral goo. It seems Adalind must collect all of this into the jar and rub it into her skin. She waits to do this fun part at home. As she stands in front of her pretty mirror, she dips some of the goo out and rubs it onto her abdomen. A nice little bloody skull appears and then soaks in and she goes to bed. Well this should get interesting.

The next episode of "Grimm," “A Dish Best Served Cold,” airs Friday, Nov. 8 at 9 p.m.  ET on NBC.