Laurel TV's 'Monsters' To Be Released on DVD This Spring

Cover artwork via Fangoria
Oh boy, candied critters! Following the recent announcement that "Tales From the Darkside" is returning to television, Fangoria revealed that cult-classic TV series "Monsters" will be coming to DVD. Apparently, 2014 is the resurrection year for horror anthologies.

Released by Entertainment One, "Monsters: The Complete Series" is a nine disc set that will feature all 72 episodes of the show. The series aired from 1988-91 with reruns on both the Syfy and Chiller networks. No special features have been announced at this time.

Richard P. Rubinstein of Laurel Entertainment, who also worked on "Tales From the Darkside" and numerous George A. Romero films, served as executive producer. Many talented actors were featured on the show, such as Tony Shaloub, Adrienne Barbeau, Steve Buscemi and Pam Grier, and also showcased stories adapted from the works of Robert Bloch and Stephen King.

"Monsters: The Complete Series" will be available on March 4, and retails for $99.98. If the name itself isn't ringing any bells, check out the show's intro!

-Nowal Massari