Previews For 'The Walking Dead' Midseason Finale: 'Too Far Gone'

Courtesy: zap2it
It looks like a show-down is in the works for the midseason finale of "The Walking Dead." The promo shown on "The Talking Dead" indicates major strife and the scary fact that The Governor could convert even the kindest of souls into a killing machine. Based on "Dead Weight," Philip Blake, or Brian Heriot, or whatever we're calling him now, is apparently back and ready to take over...and he has a tank.

The sneak peek indicates that zombies will venture into water to get some meat. Oh and little Megan needs to not be so curious. We get it, you're a child, but stop digging around during the zombie apocalypse!

Do you think the folks we know and love in the prison could succeed and maintain their stronghold? Is Glen feeling better? Will Carl kick major ass? Oh the questions!


Sneak Peek

-Larissa Mrykalo