Sneak Peek at 'The Walking Dead:' 'Dead Weight'

Whether you loved or hated the last episode of "The Walking Dead," it looks like The Governor is sticking around for some more screen time. Thanks to a generous and somewhat telling sneak peek at the next episode, we see "Brian" walking through the woods with Martinez and two other men. They happen upon an unfortunate soul deemed a liar, but where are they? More importantly, or not, where are Tara, Lilly and Megan?

Check out the sneak peek here and let us know what you think of ol' One-Eye's return. Keep watching the embedded video for not only the most talked about scene from last night's "Live Bait," but also some insider goodies. There are seven clips to enjoy!

"Dead Weight" airs next Sunday at 9 pm.m ET on AMC.

-Larissa Mrykalo