'Super Mario Bros.' Gets Darker in Four New Short Films

Screen Shot of "Lou" from "The Addict"
Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. just got darker thanks to Evan Daugherty (“Divergent”). According to The Hollywood Reporter, “The Four Players” are a series of four shorts written and directed by Daugherty and feature “a grounded, dark and grittier” reimagination of the characters, including, Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach and Toad.

They mention that in one of the short films, “For example, 'The Addict' shows a skinny, mustachioed 'Lou' speaking at a Narcotics Anonymous-type meeting, growing mysterious flowers in a basement lab and receiving a text from "Bro" that reads: ‘SHE NEEDS US.’”

The films are being released on Maker’s gaming and geektastic YouTube channel, Polaris, and the first two films, “The Fixer,” which features Mario and “The Addict” are now available for viewing. You can head over to the channel tomorrow for the final two films, “The Star,” which centers around Princess Peach, and Toad-inspired, “The Soldier.”

Daugherty stated, “Making these short films gave me a chance to really ‘do my own thing,’ while having a little fun treating one of my favorite video-game properties with a darker vibe. I had been kicking around the idea for years before I was even working in the industry, so to finally be able to share these films with fans on Polaris is a very exciting thing.”

Dar Nothaft, vp and general manager of Maker's Polaris stated, “Polaris’ community of savvy, gaming creator fans is the perfect audience for The Four Players. Not only is Evan’s unique take on these four iconic video-game characters visually amazing, there are tons of Easter eggs that reward you every time you re-watch these imaginative videos.”

Watch the first two films here:

-Larissa Mrykalo