'The Walking Dead' Recap: 'Internment'

Courtesy AMC

Rick has those dead eyes as he rides down the road with those majestic swirling leaves. Everything looks serene until you see the wild dogs eating on a partially eaten corpse.

Sasha looks pretty bad, but so does Glenn. Hershel still seems to be okay. They had to bag one of the newcomers so that he could breathe. Everyone in the sick ward looks worse for the wear. That one dude was bleeding out of his orifices. Glenn was going to give him the old jab through the brain, but Hershel discouraged him from doing so in the sick block. Old Tin Lizzie came out asking a bunch of questions about the corpse.

Maggie has a heart-to-heart with her dad through the visitation glass, and he has to stop her from coming in and checking on Glenn. Good thing too because Glenn looks like total shit.

Ohhhhhh snap, Rick comes barreling in the gates in the Hyundai, and Maggie automatically inquires about Carol’s whereabouts. Rick explains that Carol murdered Karen and David, and shockingly, Maggie agrees with his decision.

Everyone in the sick block is looking worse and worse. Dr. S made some IVs, but he said that helping them is pointless. “It’s like turning off a light. It will happen one after the other.” From the looks of things, he’s right. Hershel is becoming a one man extermination squad because everyone’s a turnin’.

For a minute there, I thought that Sasha was also zombie bait, but she just passed out from dehydration. She tells Hershel that he’s a hero, but he’s also stupid. I can agree with that, but if he hadn’t of helped them out, they for sure would be dead by now. Glenn is locked in the cell with the dead dude, but he’s all hacking and passing out. Meanwhile everyone is ch-ch-changing, and Hershel is knocked down by a walker. Tin Lizzie lures one away while someone gets chomped on. I don’t know how that’s going to work out.

Lizzie is kind of a dumb-dumb because she still thinks that zombies are like dogs. Hershel saves her ass when one of them almost attacks her. At this point there are more walkers than not in the sick ward.

Rick recruits Carl to help him with the walkers once Maggie races inside to check on Hershel and Glenn. The janky fence collapses and the walkers get inside the perimeter. I wonder if Rick regrets sending Carol away yet?

As Hershel battles the walkers inside, Rick and Carl battle the walkers outside. Things are getting pretty heavy inside AND outside the prison. I wasn’t sure that my fingernails were going to make it during the third quarter of the show.

Maggie comes bounding in right as Glenn is asphyxiating, and Hershel has to get the breathing bag off of the zombified man. I don’t know how that cross-contamination stuff works, but I hope that Hershel gave that tube a good washing before he jabbed it down Glenn’s throat.

Quick question: Why is this Lizzie kid getting so much play this season? She’s more annoying than young Carl and Sophia combined. She’s always lurking around at the most tense moments asking asinine questions.

Right when everything gets under control, Michonne, Tyreese, Daryl, and Bob come rolling up. Dudes, couldn’t you have gotten there like 30 minutes sooner?

Daryl heads off to ask Rick about Carol, but doesn’t quite make it there before the end of the episode.

Ohhhhhhh, there’s the Governor!

Smaller Bites:
-I don’t know how many of you guys use Story Sync from AMC, but I do and I love it. It has polls, trivia, scene recaps, and flashbacks.
-For real, what’s up with that Lizzie kid? Does she bolster the plot any?
-I miss Carol.
-Poor Hershel. I feel like his spirit is getting broken a little.
-POOR DR. S. I liked him.
-For a second there, I thought they were going to kill off Glenn. If that happened, I might have to turn this damn show off. Luckily that didn’t happen (yet) because I really wanted to finish the episode. Hahaha.
-This episode was one of the best yet for kills.
-Are they going to have a stand-off with the Governor? Is he alone, or is he still traveling with those goons?

The next episode of “The Walking Dead,” “Live Bait” airs at 9:00 P.M. on November 17 on AMC.