Tom Baker: The Rest of the 'Doctor Who' Story

As I was working on a story, Tom Baker revealed he WILL be involved in the "Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special." Want to know what he originally revealed about the plot that you can now check for yourself? Well, here's the important quote:

Sagers: I need to backtrack a second. What is your role in the special?

Baker: Well I can’t give that away. The role, such as it is, it’s me again. But I can’t tell you exactly the incident because they’d be furious but

Baker: I suddenly make an extraordinary appearance, Aaron, and have a scene which amazes the current Doctor as he finds in some little museum or something. And it is a sweet little scene that goes on for three or four minutes then I mysteriously go away. So everybody was very kind that I went and did this. I had to go a long way. I live a long way away from the studios. It worked out very well, I think, judging by the reactions of the technicians. And right up until this moment I’m under a blizzard of requests for interviews and photographs and things because of the excitement of 50 years of “Doctor Who.”

What do you think? Did Baker's words match the scene presented in the "Doctor Who" 50th Special?

-Aaron Sagers