'Grimm' Recap: 'Stories We Tell Our Young'

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Opening Quote:
We don’t believe, we only fear.

A nine-year-old boy is taken to a church for a good old fashioned exorcism. Needless to say, he goes all Damien on the elderly priest. Wu and crew are called to the scene and Hank and Nick follow. Poor little Daniel has been having fits of demonic rage for about a year now according to his father. Since the doctors haven’t been able to help, they allowed the priest to do it his way.

Capt. Renard heads off to Vienna to confront his own demons, otherwise known as the "Royal Family." This goes as expected, when some Wesen try to assassinate him in his safe house. He ends up escaping into a sewer. Can you imagine what that is going to do to his expensive shoes? In another part of the city, Adalind gets a mysterious call summoning her up to the big house. Guess she gets meets to meet another Prince now? She looks quite charmed to be sure.

Still trying to work out exactly what Daniel might be, Hank and Nick get a nice talk about Wesen ‘birds and bees” from Monroe and Rosalee. It includes some adorable hints about their possible offspring. As they smile adorably, Nick and Hank get a call that the seminary student that assisted the priest had woken from his trauma. He insists that the boy is a demon. The dynamic duo find this explanation more and more possible. As they head down the hall to see Daniel, the boy has one of his episodes and attacks a nurse, but quickly goes back to sleep.

Rosalee insists that the boy is something called a Grausen. Wesen believe that it is a mutation that causes psychotic behavior. It’s basically a Wesen fairy tale. They are very rare and must be reported to the Wesen Council to be dealt with. It is assumed that the children afflicted are killed due to their psychopathic nature. Legend would have it they grow to be evil mass murderers. This alarms everyone, and Rosalee insists that they must report it or the Council will punish them all. She rushes away to do just that. A dapper chap named Colin is dispatched from England to handle the situation.

After researching in his old books, Nick finds several other such cases labeled as "Grausen." In each instance, the Grimm turned the child over to the Council. One however, felt that it was possibly a disease. Juliette finally proves to be useful. She uses her medical knowledge to convince Nick that it just might really be a disease and not a case of demonic possession. They interview the parents and discover that they traveled to Jordan where Daniel became sick with the flu shortly before these episodes began. Juliette decides that it must be some sort of protozoal disease. Little do they know that Colin the Councilman is already in town. He shows up banging on Monroe’s door and a frightened Rosalee immediately tells him where Daniel is. Monroe turns around and calls Nick to give him the bad news.

Fortunately, Daniel was released and sent home because Colin beats them to the hospital. By the time the Grimm Gang get there, he is hiding in the bathroom and then follows them to Daniel’s house. While they are trying to convince his parents that they can help him, Colin attacks the boy. Whatever is inside the kid, takes exception to such rudeness and fights back. Daniel ends up running through the freezing woods with Colin in hot pursuit. Nick soon catches up to them and fights Colin off while Daniel continues to flee through the forest. He trips in a stream and then continues to run through the cold night to a fort he built with his dad. The wet, freezing boy collapses inside the little structure, well on his way to hypothermia. This is where Nick, Juliette, and his father find him.

Fortunately, this turn of events happens to be just what they needed to kill the nasty protozoa causing all of the problems. Soon yellow snot is oozing from the boys nose, and Nick gets to collect the sample. The fastest lab in the country must have run the lab tests because Nick smugly throws them at Colin before releasing him. Colin is not inclined to take his word for it, but Nick quotes the old Wesen accords from the 1600’s and stomps away. Colin sagely comments in his British accent, “Fear is not an easy thing to change." Well a statement like that applies to so many things in this world of Grimms and Monsters, doesn't it?

Anyway, Colin takes his little folder back to the Council who seem quite intrigued by this new kind of Grimm and decide to have him watched. It remains to be seen on who’s side of this Royals versus everyday-Grimm debacle they will fall.

Next week is a special week for "Grimm." NBC is airing two episodes back-to-back! Don’t miss “Cold Blooded” and “Twelve Days of Krampus” on Friday, December 13 at 9 p.m. ET.