'The Walking Dead' Recap: 'Too Far Gone'

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I didn’t expect that the Governor would actually attack and abduct Michonne and Hershel. The Governor really stepped up his crazy, annnnd he told his new followers that the people at the prison are murderers. They killed his pet zombie, err, daughter. He has put his differences aside and won’t kill them if he doesn’t have to. Right.

Lilly confronts him about his crazy new plan to take over the prison and tells him, again, that it’s not necessary. He tells her that he loves her like a psycho school girl that gets attached a little too quickly. She looks torn between being being scared of him (as she should be) and a little creeped out by his love confession. Too soon, Brian. Too soon. I think he has truly convinced himself that Meghan is his daughter.  Lilly watches in the distance as he clutches Meghan a little too tightly. I guess she’ll be more discerning about who she bangs next during the zombie apocalypse?

We finally get to see that Glenn and Sasha are better. Daryl seems a little less pissed off about Carol’s absence than I thought. And, no, she wasn’t remorseful about killing those two people. Ohhh, are Sasha and Bob making a love connection?

Is there really is a psycho living on the prison grounds, or is someone really into small animal anatomy? Honestly, I don’t think that it’s the same person that pinned the animal and fed the rats to the walkers. Sorry, Ty, I don’t support your hypothesis. I think the person that pinned the animal is into learning about anatomy and the rat-feeder is a little jerk named "Lizzie."

Heyyyy, I’m going to roll up on you in this prison with my new gang of people and a tank! I get that the Governor doesn’t want to blow a hole in the fence and “his new home,” but if a real psycho owned a tank, I’m pretty sure he would just roll over that fence and/or blow up those people.

Lilly doesn’t trust old Brian’s word that walkers can’t make it through the river, so she’s incredibly distracted when she sees one stumbling towards her across the water. Brian wasn’t lying about this one, folks. Walkers stand no chance against the river. Unfortunately, during her distraction, Meghan somehow unearths a buried walker when she digs up a “Warning: Flash Flood Area” sign. He takes a chomp out of her shoulder. Brian is going to be pissed!

Lizzie is leading the uprising of the tiny terrorists. The kids roll out of the prison, sticking to the plan, but she convinces them that they all need guns. At some point I think she abandons Baby Judith’s carrier. Maybe Lizzie will kill these terrorists, guns a blazin'. Carl had a moment where he could have shot the Governor, but Daryl convinces him that his dad has it under control.
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The Governor threatens to chop off Hershel’s head. I knew that he would go ahead and lop his head off when I saw that psycho gleam in his eye. No amount of talking on Rick’s part was going to change that. It’s unfortunate that Hershel survived the zombie apocalypse, a walker bite, and the new consumption just to have his head cut off with a sword by a psycho in an eye patch. RIP, Hershel. He really was one of the better characters.

It takes that moment of watching their father die for Maggie and Beth to snap and start shooting people. For all the shots that are being fired, not that many people seem to be falling. Rick takes a bullet in the leg. Who else are we going to lose?

Psycho Brian/the Governor has no problem shooting little Meghan in the head once he sees that she’s bitten. Tara realizes that they’re not doing the right thing, but everyone else is all KILL KILL KILL! I hope all of those new people die. Is it psycho to say that? These people aren’t playing.

Shots a’ flying. Guns a blazin’. Walkers a walkin’.

Rick and the Governor are doing some hand-to-hand combat...because that’s effective. Earlier in the show, Sasha was passing out, but now she’s wielding an automatic weapon. Lizzie saves Ty after she shows up with her handgun.

The Governor is almost successful in killing Rick, but Michonne, good to her word, shows up and stabs the bastard through the chest. Rick is half dead, but damnit, he’s looking for Carl! Good ole gun-slinging Carl is just fine. He even manages to save his daddy from walkers.
Damn, they killed two kids in one episode? How are you going to kill off baby Judith? What kind of sickos are we dealing with here? I really hope they saved her. If not, I might cry (when I find out in February).

As the Governor writhes around on the ground, Lilly shows up and puts a bullet through his head. Adios, sucker.

Smaller Bites:
-I blame Lizzie for Baby Judith’s death. ROBERT KIRKMAN, HOW CAN YOU KILL OFF BABY JUDITH?
-Good riddance, Brian/the Governor.
-RIP Hershel, Baby Judith(?), Meghan, and those other people that died.
-I guess that’s one way to flush the gang out of the prison and move the story along. I still feel sad that they’ve lost their home.
-How can I possibly wait until February to find out what’s going on?
-Damn you, Lizzie.
-Did you guys notice Beetlejuice’s reappearance in the final scenes of this episode?

"The Walking Dead" returns Sunday, February 9.