Get a First Look at the 'Veronica Mars' Film

Courtesy IMDB
She's back to solving mysteries! Thanks to over 91K supporters and $5.7 million in Kickstarter funding, the "Veronica Mars" movie has become a reality and heads to AMC Theaters March 14. Directed by Rob Thomas and starring Kristen Bell, James Franco, and "New Girl"'s Max Greenfield, we think fans of the prematurely cancelled show will be pleased with what their funding has created. How do we know? The trailer that just dropped.

Will the film live up to all the buzz surrounding it? Take a look and judge for yourself. Not only will the film be in select theaters on March 14 but also available on demand afterwards. You can even pre-order of the DVD/Blu-Ray available on its official site.

-Larissa Mrykalo