'Grimm' Recap: 'The Wild Hunt'

Courtesy NBC

Opening Quote: “Come back in the evening, I’ll have the door locked to keep out the wild huntsman.” 

Welcome to the Monrosalee hour. That is not a complaint by the way. I feel it’s pretty safe to say that Monroe is one of the major draws on "Grimm." His character is adorably nerdy and caring while still possessing the ability to deliver some pain to the bad guys. Perhaps his confidence is inherently due to his Blutbad nature; he certainly didn't seem afraid to meet Rosalee’s family last week.

As this episode gets underway however, he seems a bit nervous. He paces to and fro at the bottom of the stairs waiting for Rosalee to descend. When she does appear, she is stunning in a little black dress. They head out to a very expensive restaurant for a rare night out. Surprisingly though, the marriage proposal we are expecting doesn't happen. Instead they trade stories of their first time volking (transforming). By the time they get home Rosalee is tired and ready to get out of her tight little dress, when Monroe insists on showing her a cuckoo clock he’s been working on. He parks her in front of it and turns the clock hands to the hour. Out pops the little bird who asks her to marry him in it’s peepy little voice. Aww, Monroe is such a sweet little wolf boy. Rosalee accepts of course, and they spend the night holding hands in bed talking about the wedding. It does finally occur to them that they may have a problem with all of their Wesen friends at a wedding with a Grimm. Yes, that could be a problem.

With the proposal accepted, Monroe is faced with the daunting task of informing his parents. You might recall that he has avoided telling his folks about Rosalee. He finally makes the call and his parents sound as adorable as Monroe. His mother is so excited and his father wants to know how much money Rosalee makes. With this onerous task complete, he confesses to Rosalee that he hadn't told them about her. She just shakes her head. Well, you knew it wouldn't end there didn't you? By the end of the day, the parents have a plane ticket to come visit. They will of course be staying with Monroe, in Nick’s room. This is when Rosalee starts to freak out a little. It slowly ekes out that Monroe’s parents are very old fashioned and they don’t know that Rosalee lives with Monroe. By his twitchiness about all of this, it becomes clear that there may be deeper problems than the sleeping arrangements.

Let’s look away from Monrosalee for a moment and see what the Grimm is up to. It seems a serial killer has come to town. I like that this takes a back burner to Monroe. Serial killers are not as important as Monroe’s “Meet the Parents” problem. This particular serial killer seems to only attack men in uniform, such as a highway patrolman and a few soldier types. After the first few punches are thrown, he declares them worthy and then volks into a wolfy headed Wesen. When the fight is over, he scalps his victim and drives away in a white Dodge Challenger. The large man turns out to be a Wildesheer. According to Nick’s books, they are fierce warriors who scalp their victims and then sew the scalps into a cape. Nothing screams masculine prowess like a hairy cape, am I right? It should be noted that Nick and Hank figure this out all by themselves. I would scream it’s a Christmas Miracle, but it’s not Christmas anymore. Knowing the local law enforcement is onto him, our Wildesheer friend (also known as a Berserker) has retreated to the forest to sew his hairy cape in peace. It’s truly a sight to behold, and smell I’m sure.

On another note, you remember when Nick let Juliette get in his email and she found the note from his mom? Well, she wants to email his mom back, alone. This seems an odd way to put it, but I’ve never needed anyone to hold my hand to send an email so I may not be as sympathetic as I should be. Nick agrees of course. So let’s think about this. Juliette wants to have a one on one conversation with Nick’s mother. I personally think that Kelly (Mama Burkhardt) would eat Juliette alive and spit out the bones. That is hard to do through email though, so Kelly just sends her back some clues for Nick. She was unable to dispose of the Coins and it would appear she may be headed back to Portland. (Rumor has it that she will be turning back up anyway.) I for one will be happy for Mama Burkhardt to reappear. Maybe she can go to the Monrosalee Wedding too.

In Vienna, Adalind meets with the new Prince again. He questions her on Renard’s new friends in the Resistance, but she plays dumb on the advice of Sebastian. It would appear that Prince Viktor knows she is pregnant and that the baby is Prince Eric’s. I don’t think he knows she had it going on with Renard too. His Verrat counselor does propose the possibility to him, but it doesn’t matter. The baby will be Royal either way. Back in her apartment, Adalind continues to smear the bloody goo on her belly. The creepy fetus inside of her seems to like it, as it starts wiggling around. We are left with the impression of it’s little creepy hands pressing out of Adalind’s belly. Oh, this baby is going to be bad news.

Back in Portland, Monroe’s doorbell rings. Expecting Nick to stop by, Monroe opens the door to find his parents (Dee Wallace and Chris Mulkey) standing there. Their flight was early and they didn’t call. His mother is positively giddy as Monroe goes off to the kitchen to fetch Rosalee. Alice happily looks about patting the pillows and commenting on the “woman’s touch” apparent in the room while Bart criticizes one of Monroe’s clocks. She hastily shushes him as the happy couple enter.

As they rush in for a hug, they catch a rotten smell and stagger away horrified. Guess they smelled that Rosalee is a Fuschbau and they are not pleased. Even Monroe’s sweet mother is appalled and ready to tear into poor Rosalee. The Fuschbau in question decides to hastily exit the building. She is understandably angry that Monroe hadn’t told his parents that she wasn’t a Blutbad. She tells him he needs to figure this out with his family and storms out.

Monroe is furious with his parents and is in the process of throwing them out of his house, when Nick arrives. So, what could possibly make this situation worse? Bart and Alice immediately recognize him as a Grimm, and both Blutbaden bare their teeth and show their claws as they rush toward him. The last thing we see is Monroe throwing himself in front of his friend to protect Nick from his parents. And there we are, left with another of "Grimm"’s cliffhangers until February 28th when "Grimm" returns.

The next episode of "Grimm," “Revelation,” returns to NBC after The Olympics on Friday, February 28 at 9 p.m. ET. Nick and Hank continue the hunt for a vicious Wesen serial killer while Monroe tries to reconcile with Rosalee.