Hulu Announces Supernatural Comedy 'Deadbeat,' Other Original Programming


Hulu is trying a medium on for size with a lineup of original programming. Announced today, the online video service will be rolling out four new shows and six returning ones for 2014. Along with popular projects such as "East Los High" and "The Awesomes," which will be coming back for a second season, Hulu announced "Deadbeat," a new paranormal comedy.

Starring Tyler Labine ("Reaper," "Tucker & Dale vs. Evil," shown above), "Deadbeat" follows a ghost whisperer who helps specters settle their unfinished business. Also on the show is Cat Deeley, from "So You Think You Can Dance," who is the rival to Tyler's character.

Hulu development chief Charlotte Koh said the show would have an irreverent sense of humor and be a mix of "supernatural, comedy and buddy elements in a cocktail." Premiering April 9, the 10-episode series is a co-production with Lionsgate Television and marks a "genre reinvention angle we look for," said Koh.

Other new programming on the way is "Hotwives of Orlando," a "Real Housewives" reality-TV style spoof; "The Next Step," a reality show about a group of dancers heading to regionals; "The Bridge," the original Scandinavian cop drama that is also the basis for the Americanized version on FX Networks.

The shows will be available on subscription service Hulu Plus, and on the free Hulu site in a limited capacity.

-Aaron Sagers