Is the House From 'A Christmas Story' Haunted?

Cleveland's "A Christmas Story" House & Museum
Could it be that Ralphie's pink bunny suit brought something unwanted into the iconic Cleveland, Ohio home? Was it the fragile leg lamp that maybe had something strange attached to it? Besides incredible sexiness, of course. Well, according to a local news station, we're about to find out if the home used in the Christmas classic, "A Christmas Story," harbors ghosts.

According to Fox8,"A paranormal group, ‘American Haunts,’ has announced it will be investigating at the Cleveland house and museum from Jan. 24-26."

According to American Haunts, they're the first group to be allowed in the museum to investigate. Also, the station reports that "You’ll have a chance to learn more from the cast and crew on Jan. 25 from 2:30-4:30 p.m. at the ‘A Christmas Story’ House & Museum, 3159 W. 11th St."

The "American Haunts" Facebook page gives more details on the show. Here's a small part from their "About" section,  "Investigating American Haunts is a Paranormal Investigations show based out of Indianapolis, Indiana, however, traveling across the United States. Launching in 2012, we are taking a new approach to the investigation process. Our Investigative team has come together from different personal experiences in the search for answers to the unexplained."

So what do you think? Could the home be haunted? Have you ever visited the Ohio museum/home? We'll keep you posted if we learn of any findings. Click here for more details on the home/museum and be sure to plan a visit!

Thanks go out to reader and Ohio resident, Ryan Byers for alerting us to this story.

-Larissa Mrykalo