Reflections On The Season Six Premiere Of 'Face Off'

Westmore with the 15 Season Six Contestants

The sixth season of Syfy's reality competition series, "Face Off," premieres on Tuesday, January 14, at 9 p.m. ET and the promise is "Bolder Designs. Bigger Risks. Surprise Destinations." Will it deliver? Based on the premiere episode titled, "Sexy Beasts," it's off to a good start.

The set up and prizes are the same as past seasons but there are some surprises, including one introduced in the premiere. What is it? I can't tell you that but it's a nice twist. Like all "Face Off" premieres, the introduction of the new contestants is important. We're going to be spending the next three months with them so it's nice to meet them, right?

May I introduce you to the 15 talented artists, some with a little tidbit of info from the episode...

-Bethany Serpico, 22 - Delaware County, Pennsylvania (She's a video game designer.)
-Cat Paschen, 25 - San Francisco, California (She's dating one of the other contestants.)
-Chloe Sens, 22 - Austin, Texas (Digs fantasy art and has lovely cherry red hair!)
-Corrine Foster, 26 - Dublin, California (She worked on "Sharknado!" Enough said.)
-Daniel Phillips, 44 - St. Clair Shores, Michigan (Owns a special fx studio.)
-Daran Holt, 41 - Kansas City, Missouri (Makes monsters and sells them online.)
-George Schminky, 38 - San Juan, Puerto Rico (Is becoming a new daddy!)
-Graham Schofield, 29 - Boston, Massachusetts (Does freelance work and is an instructor.)
-Margaret Caragan, 32 - Oakland, California (She's been in the biz for nine years.)
-Matt Silva, 24 - Atlanta, Georgia (Has worked on "The Walking Dead" and "Zombieland.")
-Niko Gonzalez, 26 - San German, Puerto Rico (He's dating one of the other contestants.)
-Rashaad Santiago, 24 - Bronx, New York (He's a self-taught artist.)
-Tanner White, 26 - San Diego, California (He's a grad of the Tom Savini special fx program.)
-Tess Laeh, 25 - Littleton, Colorado (Works on mannequins/sculpts.)
-Tyler Green, 26 - Litchfield, Connecticut (He was a former dental technician.)

Obviously you can get more in-depth info on their backgrounds here but I think you're going to enjoy getting to know them better. Based on the first challenges, their determination and ability to tackle the "season of extremes" is evident.

So what's the Spotlight Challenge for the first episode? Create a Beast to go with the Beauty. Sexy and scary is the goal. Do they meet it? Are the judges impressed? Will there be any drama or tension between the contestants? I'm confident you'll enjoy the familiarity of the season thanks to the same format, judges, cool guest judges and charm of McKenzie Westmore and her father, Michael. You'll also enjoy the new twist(s) and push for extremes, as well as the surprise destinations.

Let us know if you'll be watching "Face Off" this Tuesday at 9 p.m. and what your expectations are for season six.