'Splash Area: Night of the Freaks' Coming to DVD and Digital Media

Eagle One Media is bringing "Splash Area: Night of the Freaks" to North American DVD and digital media. The Irish horror film by George Clark, is made of nightmares, or mine as it were, because it centers around murderous clowns.

From the press release:

Halloween Night. A gang of killer clowns are on the rampage and after seeing their friend mutilated by them, three friends decided to go above the law in a bid to stop the red nosed crazies. Following them to an old asylum, they soon become the hunted in this fun house of blood and guts, fighting for survival against muscle, madness and chainsaws... Putting an unusual spin on the usual 'teens vs killers' flick, Splash Area delivers a grindhouse horror with a cast of fresh faces, plenty of action and enough black comedy to keep everyone happy!

Critics seem to love this little flick, stating "Messy, funny, sick and gore filled, Splash Area is every clown haters worst nightmare." - indiereign.comhttp://www.indiereign.com/

"There are echoes of Day of the Dead, Halloween, and even Stephen King’s IT, and the classic killer clowns work to great effect. Nice little horror gem." – The timewarriors.co.uk

“Relentlessly fun and surprising tense…Outstanding performances and imaginative direction make Splash Area unique and exceptional!” – Albert Pyun 

The film was released in the UK in January of 2012, with Eagle One Media recently acquiring the rights to release it in North America. You can catch it now on iTunes, Play Google and Amazon Instant, or pick up the DVD from major on-line retailers, such as Amazon, on January 21. Go take a peek at the trailer for yourself, I'll be over here hiding my eyes!

-Nowal Massari