Ultimate Werewolf Gets Deluxe Makeover, Kickstarter

Back in 2008, Bezier Games released their version of Werewolf and it's been built up to the latest and greatest "Ultimate Werewolf: Ultimate Edition." Some of the best aspects of the game is that there is virtually no limit to the number of people who can play the game. Five players? Easy Peasy. Ten players? Not even breaking a sweat. Twenty players? Wow, that's a lot, but not nearly the limit. In fact, the Ultimate Edition needs five players, but can handle up to 68. I'll let you digest that like a nice little villager sandwich for a moment...

...Yes, 68 players!

The rules are very simple and there is plenty of variety for each player within the game making it a ton of fun for everyone involved. Needless to say, this is a party game player's dream come true, especially if you're into some light roleplay and werewolves. In a nutshell, a village has been infiltrated by a pack of werewolves and the villagers have to find the Big, Bag Wolf. Or the Wolf Cub. Or the Lone Wolf...you get the idea...before the villagers become snackables. Certain villagers have certain abilities, which adds more variety and complexity to the game. Not quite convinced that this can be fun?

So, what, you ask? Well, Bezier is now developing the Deluxe Edition of this game. More cards. More villagers! More wolfies!! More unique powers!!! And you can get in on the ground floor, especially since a Kickstarter campaign has been launched (and is slated to close soon!!) for a modest buy in. While the game mechanic is pretty much the same as before, there is plenty of howl-worthy cool new art for the cards and things like timer apps for your smartphone that have already been added (and acheived!) as stretch goals. Indeed, if you jump on board before the campaign ends, you stand to get a ton of extras, as donation commitments have been coming fast and fur-ious...get it?

This is just the sort of thing that fellow gamer/horror/furry geeks can get behind! Better make sure you pad on over to the Kickstarter page and place your pledge soon, though. The campaign isn't going to be active for much longer! By the way, if you go for the Deluxe edition, you can scoff at anyone who has the other editions, since they're limited to a piddly sixty-eight players, at most, 'cause you can totally support up to seventy-five with this set! You're still sitting there on the fence? Go! Now!

Don't make me use another werewolf pun!

-David Berck