'Face Off' Recap: 'Guitar Gods'

Courtesy Syfy

Twelve artists remain on "Face Off" as they team up in groups of two to tackle a challenge of epic metal proportions!


The artists meet with Patrick Tatopoulos and McKenzie Westmore at the lab for their foundation challenge. Hollywood’s memorable characters look good on a motorcycle; artists must choose a bike and create the badass character that rides it. These characters must provide a clue to where the rider’s come from. The winner will earn immunity from the next spotlight challenge.

Favorites – Tanner, Daran
Winner – Daran

Artists once again meet up with McKenzie Westmore and Glen Hetrick with a room full of amazing guitars. According to McKenzie, “There is no bigger influence on pop culture than rock and roll. (Musicians) use music to inspire, unite, and shape society”. In Teams of 2 artists must choose a guitar and create an extreme rock star character that has fused with the guitar. This week, the artists get to choose their own teams: Cat/ Niko; Chloe/ Tanner; George/Daran; Tess/ Matt; Graham/ Corinne; and, Rashaad/ Tyler.

Day One
Michael Westmore comes in and to meets with all the teams and right off the bat doesn’t like Tess and Matt’s facial sculpture. Tess and Matt tell him that they’re creating a “rocker billy goat” but Michael Westmore is having trouble reading goat, as it looks more like a cat face. Tess, letting the stress get to her starts to have a panic attack. Meanwhile, Graham and Corinne tell Mr. Westmore about their idea to incorporate the paisley’s on their guitar onto the skin of their character using a stencil; to which he loves. Finally, after calming down Tess gets back to work on the chest piece on their team’s design.

Day Two
Cat and Niko decide to do a full body suit for their character, taking their chances by not cutting the mold into pieces. They could be in trouble if the mold doesn’t come out the way they like it to because they could end up with just a face piece for judging. George is also worried about their character as he isn’t seeing any guitar elements in Daran’s design mold for the face. At the last minute, Rashaad changes the design of his chest piece towards a more complicated design to show the inner organs.

Day Three – Application Day and Last Looks
The artists rush to finish painting and fabricating pieces for their designs in a race against the clock. George expresses his concerns for their character as it is very different than everyone else’s designs. Since Daran has immunity, he could be going home if the judge’s don’t like their design.

Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neil, and Neville Page joined the artists onstage for the big reveal. After the rockers paraded onstage the judges got to have their closer looks. Tess and Matt’s character had a major problem during closer looks as Glen asked the model to shake his head yes to test the stability of the horns, causing one of the horns to fall off.

Safe – Niko, Cat, Graham and Corinne

One of the best looks of the night were from Tyler and Rashaad. Glen liked the aesthetic approach they took with their character by taking elements from the guitar and making them internal. Neville thought the paint job was “beautiful." Another top look of the night was from George and Daran with their heavy metal goddess of rock and roll. Glen was “thoroughly impressed” and called their design “unique." Ve was also in love with their design exclaiming “WOW! Bitchin, awesome and totally groovy."

One of the bottom looks went to Matt and Tess with their rockabilly goat. Ve said it looked “like a cross between Gary Busey and Ron Pearlman” and Glen hated the instability of the horns. Another bottom look was Tanner and Chloe's "Dark Lord of Shredding." The judges had a problem with the angularity of the image and Ve thought it was very “boxy and busy."

TOP TEAM – Daran and George
WINNER – Daran

Stay tuned for next Tuesday’s episode, “In the Shadows” at 9 p.m. ET on Syfy.

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