'Face Off' Recap: 'In The Shadows'

Courtesy Syfy

Eleven artists remain on “Face Off" and this week, the artists meet McKenzie Westmore in downtown LA in an area surrounded by warehouses. McKenzie introduces the artists to producer, Oren Peli. Oren is known for his work on such films as “Insidious”, “The Lords of Salem”, and the “Paranormal Activity” franchise.

Spotlight Challenge
Artists are asked to pick one of the shadow silhouettes and to create the supernatural creature that would cast that shadow. Oren Peli states that he’s looking for a full “head-to-toe design” that also “elicits a natural reaction of fear." Each artist chooses their scary silhouettes, marked on the wall by a specific number and begins to sit down and sketch out their designs and ideas.

Day One
As each artist begins to mold their creatures, Michael Westmore enters the lab to meet with each of them to help give them some advice on their designs. Having loved Tanner’s concept design for his demon, Michael Westmore advises Tanner to change the nose of the creature to make it more “meaner” because it’s coming off as cute. Tanner is forced to resculpt the nose of the creature in order to fit the guidelines of the challenge...to be scary.

Graham, having admitted he isn’t the fastest sculptor, is having some trouble this week with his design. He’s chosen to mold his creature based off a cockroach and put tiny arm-like pieces on the face and neck and he has to spend more time than usual to make sure they read correctly.

Day Two
The artists begin to mold their sculpting work and some begin to fabricate horns for their creatures. When molding, Graham demonstrates a new technique that’s never been featured on the show before, he uses an air hose to get the plaster into every nook and cranny to that every detail of the sculpt can be seen when the mold is pulled from the cast. Some have even taken advantage of the light set up in the lab to test their creature’s silhouettes against the wall to make sure they are on track with the silhouettes they originally chose.

It’s almost the end of Day Two and Corinne has trouble opening her mold, she becomes visibly frustrated and walks away. Plan B is to use premade ear appliances to create the silhouette she needs, she only has a face mold and she knows she is in trouble if she doesn’t come up with something to save her design.

Application Day & Last Looks
The models arrive for application day as the artists race against the clock to finish their work. Corinne expresses her need for a great makeup application to make up for having to scrap one of her molds. Cat also had to scrap the arm pieces for her model because the edges were going to take too long to fix.

Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill, Neville Page, and this week’s special guest judge, Oren Peli, join the artists on the reveal stage. After the creatures parade onstage, the judges get to have a closer look, showing clear disappointment with Tanner’s creature as it was visibly unfinished.

SAFE – George, Tyler, Chloe, Rashaad, & Matt

Graham was one of the top looks this week with his cockroach-like character. Glenn loved it calling it “creepalicious” and saying he “hit all the right notes." Oren Peli said he had “never seen anything like it before." Niko was also a top look this week with his "Minotaur" creature. Neville called it a beautiful “rivoting piece” while Oren said it “matched the shadow very well." Corinne also made top looks with her goblin creature and it “magnificent paint job." Glenn said it fulfilled the challenge in every way and Neville said it was completely “plausible."

The bottom looks this week were Daran, Cat and Tanner. Daran’s “overly simplistic” design didn’t win over the judges and Cat’s beetle/praying mantis creature “didn’t match the shadow." Ve expressed she didn’t understand the paint job Cat chose to apply to her creature. Tanner’s creature was in my opinion, the worst this week with his “old demon." Glenn said it best when he told Tanner it had “serious issues” and Neville said it was the “worst things I’ve seen on this show."


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