Kickstarter Campaign Launched to Bring 'Apocalypse Hotel' to the Big Apple

Curious about the zombie apocalypse, but not actually prepared to live through a real one? Well, wonder no more because Apocalypse Hotel would ease your curiosity while taking you on an adrenaline pumping adventure. The interactive theatrical experience would take guests through an apocalyptic scenario, allowing them to play survivors or take on the role of the undead.

Creator Cletus McKeown has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help bring the project to life and help the crew turn the Brooklyn Lyceum, a retired bathhouse, into a two-week long zombie Armageddon.

A little more information from their site reveals:
Apocalypse Hotel is a choose your own adventure interactive theatrical experience in which players either attempt to survive the zombie takeover and progress through multiple story-driven levels or join the zombie horde to hunt and infect the remaining survivors. Unlike other live action zombie-themed events such as haunted houses and obstacle courses, surviving Apocalypse Hotel won’t be just about running away. Small groups of survivors will be thrown into a post-apocalyptic venue and faced with fate altering decisions and realistic survival scenarios all while trying to avoid being infected by zombies. Actors and other participants will guide, influence, scare and help the survivors while those who choose to become zombies will try to infect the survivors and turn them into zombies for the rest of the game. Each experience is unique and the outcome is solely determined by choices made throughout the game play.

The Apocalypse Hotel team are hoping to reach their goal of $12,500 by March 14, so if this is something you'd like to see become a terrifying reality, go become a backer ASAP because every dollar helps! You will also be rewarded for your donations, ranging from thank yous on their website to a night in a nearby hotel for you and a guest to take in the show. Get in on the action and see if you've really got what it takes to survive.

-Nowal Massari