Priest Involved in Indiana Exorcisms Inks Movie Deal

Rev. Michael Maginot, courtesy Kelly Wilkinson/Indy Star
Reverend Michael Maginot, the priest involved in the Ammons' family exorcisms in Indiana, has recently signed a contract that will bring the story to the big screen. Rev. Maginot, of St. Stephen Martyr Parish in Merrillville, inked a deal with Tony DeRosa-Grund, the executive chairman of Evergreen Media Holdings and producer of "The Conjuring."

Declining to reveal the specifics of his contract, Rev. Maginot explains that he chose to sign with DeRosa-Grund because he feels that the producer won't "sensationalize" the story. The fact that "The Conjuring" grossed $318 million dollars world wide probably didn't hurt either. In a statement to the Indianapolis Star, Maginot said that "The story is good as it is [...]You don't need to go crazy with it."

Maginot has also revealed that he has signed a contract with the home's new owner, Zak Bagans, to be a part of an upcoming documentary on the alleged "portal to Hell." In addition to an on camera interview, he will also be returning to the house and take part in an investigation with Bagans.

Despite numerous media outlets fighting to get an interview with Latoya Ammons and/or her family, the matriarch and apparent victim of demonic attacks, has only consented to an interview with "Inside Edition" at this time. Could this new development change all that? Let us know what you think!

-Nowal Massari