Water Cooler 'Walking Dead': The Most Talked About Scene From 'Claimed'

Walking Dead-ites, prepare for some friendly debating around the water cooler after last night's episode of "The Walking Dead." While most people would say that Michonne's grisly discovery in the pink room should take the Crazy Cheese, the most talked about moment is Rick-central.

In "Claimed" we see that Rick is still recovering from the prison escape and is quite understandably weak. However, just because he's down, doesn't mean he's out completely. Imagine his surprise when a roving band of strangers find their way into Rick's new safe-haven and prove themselves to be rather dangerous. Playing a one sided game of sardines has Rick ducking and dodging these ruffians, and in a last ditch attempt at escape, he hides in the bathroom. Imagine his surprise upon discovering one of the strangers on the toilet. After a brief pause to take in the moment, a fight ensues. Flashes of the Ricktator shine through as he strangles the schlubby goon and takes off out the window. Check out the scene again for yourselves and catch an exclusive sneak peek into next weeks episode, "Still."

Talked About Scene: Episode 411: The Walking Dead: Claimed

Sneak Peek: Episode 412: The Walking Dead: Still

-Nowal Massari