Wolverine's First Appearance Up for Auction

Save your pennies and break that piggy bank open! A historic piece of comic art is coming up for bid through Heritage Auctions!

Believe it or not, Wolverine's first appearance was forty years ago as of this year, and his first appearance from "Hulk" #180 will be held for auction on May 15. The panel shows classic whisker-costumed Wolvie busting in on Hulk and Wendigo as they're battling it out and announcing his presence with authority. Whether or not this piece of art was still in existence was a matter of debate until now.

The owner, wishing to remain anonymous at this time, was given the page of original art work by artist, Herb Trimpe,  and is returning Trimpe's favor so to speak by donating "the majority of after-tax proceeds" to The Hero Initiative. The Hero Initiative was developed as a not-for-profit corporation that operates as a safety net for comic book creators. They've helped provide financial and other support to creators in desperate straights in return for the enjoyment provided by comic books over the years.

Nobody is quite sure what dollar amount this iconic piece of art will bring, but it's sure to garner a lot of interest, as Wolverine is, without question, one of the most popular comic book characters of all time.

-David Berck