Anne Rice Announces New Novel 'Prince Lestat'

Courtesy of Anne Rice's Facebook Page
At 8 p.m. ET on Sunday, author Anne Rice made a pretty tasty announcement on the internet radio program, "The Dinner Party Show" (which is hosted by her son Christopher Rice and author Eric Shaw Quinn). Fans of the “Brat Prince” Lestat de Lioncourt can rejoice, for this October 28, he returns in her new novel, "Prince Lestat." Presales of what she is calling a direct sequel to "Queen of the Damned" begins on March 16. She finished writing the book last August and has been dying to tell everyone about it!

Here is what she said on her Facebook page and then you can watch the announcement for more details. Are you as excited as she is? Let us know your thoughts!

Guys, I am heading for bed after an exciting and fulfilling evening. In West Hollywood today, on The Dinner Party Show, I announced my new book, "Prince Lestat" which will be published on October 28th. It was such a relief and such a pleasure, at last, to be able to speak about the up and coming novel, which I finished some time ago. And I want to thank all of you who made this a thrilling experience for me. Thank you for your generous and enthusiastic posts, both here, and on The Dinner Party Show FB page. Thanks for letting me know you haven't forgotten by beloved Brat Prince. --- Sharing my experiences with you on this page is an extraordinary joy. We now have over 995,000 people tuning in here and will soon reach one million. I am so grateful. It's such fun. It's more than fun. Good night and blessings to all. ‪#‎PrinceLestat‬.

-Larissa Mrykalo