'Face Off' Recap: 'Ego Trip Abroad'

Courtesy Syfy

Eight artist remain on this season of “Face Off” as the artists travel to Tokyo, Japan for their next challenge. Niko is especially upset that he cannot share this experience with Cat as it was one of her dreams to travel to Japan.

Once in Japan, the artists take in all the sights it has to offer so they can be inspired by what’s around them for the challenges to come.

They meet up with Mckenzie Westmore at a Japanese temple for their next foundation challenge. This week they are joined by special guest judge and renowned makeup artist Kazuhiro Tsuji ("Men in Black," "The Grinch," "Planet of the Apes," and "Looper"). The artists must create their own original take on an iconic Japanese character called the Oni. Kazu explains he’s looking for a representation of what people are afraid of, death, and looking to see what Japanese culture are applied into the makeup. The winner of this challenge will earn immunity from elimination.

Favorites looks - Daran, Corinne
Winner - Daran with his “overall great original concept”

Spotlight Challenge
Japanese pop culture has had a huge impact on the world, none more so than the cartoon style of anime. Artists, this week, were ask to create a hyper-stylized character depicting their own alter ego. Each artist must source something unique about themselves into their makeup. For inspiration, Mckenzie sends them to Akihabara, the anime capital of the world to meet up with Hidetaka Tenjin who is behind the anime Macross Franchise. Tenjin meets up with the artist at @Home Cafe to give them some advice on their concept sketches before heading back to LA to begin sculpting.

While sculpting, Corinne and Chloe, our two remaining females, notice their sculpts bare a similar resemblance and Corinne is worried about how that might affect the judging. Chloe thinks they will look different enough once they are painted and Corrine is firm in her decision to not change her design, she wants to prove to the judges she can execute her design better.

A couple of the artists have a few intricate design pieces and they worried about time constraints against what they can actually accomplish. George is worried his character is looking very sloppy as time draws to a close and the artists head to last looks.

Elimination Day
Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill, Neville Page, and guest judge, Kazuhiro Tsuji join the artists on the reveal stage to showcase their designs. Daran, Corrine, George and Graham were the best and the worst looks this week.

Daran’s koi fish design won high marks from the judges with his impressive attention to detail and his great sense of proportion. Corinne also earned high marks with her Halloween anime character. She really captured the essence of what anime really is and did well in showing the reflectivity in her character’s eyes. The judges thought her character was the most representative of the anime style

Graham’s lab tech-turned-monster creation didn’t sit too well with the judges. He was one of the bottom looks this week as the judges thought he bit more off than he could chew. Ve thought his character was a “reject from Poison Ivy’s lab." George wasn’t spared from bottom looks this week either with his mechanical peacemaker character. The judges thought he made horrible decisions on the the paint job and his execution of the overall look was subpar.

WINNER - Daran

BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE! The judges decided to use their special immunity this week and save Graham from elimination giving him one more chance to prove his worth in this competition.

Stay tuned for next Tuesday’s episode, “Mad Science” at 9 p.m. ET on Syfy.