'Face Off' Recap: 'Mad Science'

Courtesy Syfy

Seven artists remain to the become next great name in movie magic on this season of “Face Off." Coming off last week, Graham is on a high after the judges chose to use their one time immunity card to save him from elimination. Graham wants to prove to the judges that they made the right decision.

The artists meet McKenzie Westmore in the lab and discover that the lab has been transformed into a torture chamber with various medical equipment laid out. This week, the artists will have to visit a “very dark place” and become demented doctors themselves and play the role of a mad scientist. Their Spotlight Challenge is to choose a medical device and create a victim or human guinea pig who falls victim to the artist’s madness.

Graham - Electric Shock Therapy
Chloe - Antique Amputation Saw
Rashaad - Trephine
Tyler - Embalming Pump
Niko - Antique Hand Drill
George - Rib Cage Opener
Daran - Pneumatic Bone Auger
Corinne - Leeches

Upon starting their work, Tyler and Daran have similar concepts using a two headed creature. Tyler refuses to change his design stating they are completely different. Rashaad is also having a hard time coming up with a design concept for the device he chose. It takes him a while to finally come up with something but once he does, he feels confident about it and sets to work.

When Michael Westmore comes in to give advice to the artists, he tells Chloe to really make sure that her body parts look how they should since she’s rearranging the human anatomy, otherwise, it could get sloppy. Chloe takes this to heart as she is one of the last ones to mold her facial piece; taking her time to make sure she gets everything right. Corinne is also worried about her design. After taking a look around the room, she doesn’t think she is doing enough so she’s going to have to make sure to execute a solid paint job in order for her to feel confident at judging.

As George is working on his molds, bending over, he hears a snap and his back gives out. It is apparent that he cannot stand up straight and they call in a medic to look at him. George has two herniated disks in his back and he is certain that it what is causing the pain. He is worried that he will not be able to finish the competition. For now the medic puts an ice pack on his back and he gets up and continues to work.

Finally, models arrive and the artists apply, paint, and put together any and all last minute pieces for their victims. George is struggling to apply the prosthetics to his model as his back is slowing him down and at last looks he has a lot to finish painting.

Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill, and Neville Page join the artists on the reveal stage to show their work. Tyler, Graham, Niko, and George were all safe this week. Top look with week was Chloe’s black and white movie monster. Glenn said she had a “brilliant idea” and had a “super cool makeup” and overall her concept was unique. Daran was also a top look this week with his double-headed creature. Glenn called it “beyond impressive” with the time limit he had to pull something like that off. Ve was also impressed with his concept, calling it “quite ingenious."

Bottom looks this week were Rashaad and Corinne. Rashaad made some poor choices this week and the judges were not impressed with the jaw-like structure protruding from his character's face. Neville claimed to have a love-hate relationship with the design, loving only one side of his sculpt and hating the other; also referring to the jaw-like piece. Corinne’s character wasn’t spared from the judges either. Neville called her character “bondage Rambo with some stuff stuck to him” and Glenn said that there was nothing about the makeup that was expressive of her previous work.

Winner - Daran
Eliminated - Corinne because her design was too simple and at this point in the competition, it wasn’t enough.

Tune is next Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET on Syfy for the all-new episode, “What a Dahl."