Fox Announces 'Wolverine' and 'Fantastic Four' Sequels Plus a Mystery Movie

Hollywood Reporter has announced Fox plans to release sequels to "Wolverine" and "Fantastic Four" in March and July of 2017, respectively. What's that? The first FF reboot hasn't been released yet? Apparently, Fox is confident enough in their new team that they don't think it matters!

Fans of the last Wolverine installment will be happy to hear that James Mangold will be returning to direct the follow up to "The Wolverine." No details as yet on storyline, but how cool would it be if Wolverine were suddenly Killable or if X-23 were introduced?

The biggest vague news is the untitled Marvel property under Fox control also being slated for a 2018 release. Speculation has already begun over the unnamed movie, but current front runners seem to be X-Force, which already has a completed first draft, according to Rob Liefield, and something involving the Silver Surfer. After all, if Stan Lee says there's no way a Silver Surfer movie doesn't eventually get done, who are we to argue with the Generalisimo? Do you have any guesses as to what Fox may have planned?

Just to clear up any confusion, Disney/Marvel Studios doesn't own the movie rights to any of the X-Men, Fantastic Four, or Spider-Man characters, so Avengers vs. X-Men won't be happening anytime soon. Daredevil and Ghost Rider have both reverted back to Marvel and are no longer under Fox or Sony control. Confused yet? Hopefully, this handy dandy Geek Twins article will help you keep the movie stuff straight. Or, you know, just look at the pretty picture they made.

Personally, I'm hoping Universal has a Man-Thing solo movie in the works.

-David Berck