'Ghost Adventures' Recap: 'Fear Factory'

All images courtesy of the Travel Channel

This week's "Ghost Adventures" brings the crew to Salt Lake City, UT to investigate an abandoned cement factory that was turned into a Halloween attraction dubbed the “Fear Factory.” The 100 year old building sat abandoned for years before becoming a haunted house, and is allegedly the home of dark, possibly demonic, paranormal activity.

According to employee Jessica, she was with a group of fellow performers in the “Hell Silo” and they used a spirit box to communicate with one of many rumored spirits. The group saw shadows flitting back and forth on the ceiling and a voice came through the spirit box, that repeatedly claimed to be a demon. Another employee, Chris, found a book of Satanic rituals inside the attraction, but no one could explain where it came from. While playing Satan inside the Hell Silo, he decided to start reading things from the book that “sounded cool” and soon after began experiencing terrible headaches. Allegedly, a few Satanists work in the show and warned Chris to be careful because while performing rituals in the Hell Silo, they were scratched.

The owner of the attraction says that the job has a pretty high turn over rate, with many former employees becoming scared and quitting. One female employee even claimed that she had a ladder knocked out from under her in the tunnels and it is thought that the area is inhabited by former factory worker George Howe. Howe was the first documented death in the factory after being mangled to death by one of the machines.

Next, they interview Morgan Walton, a performer in the Fear Factory, and his wife Erin. Morgan takes everyone back inside to the "Doll Room," where he claims that after his kilt was tugged on, a little girl giggled and later that night, he feels that something followed him to his home. Not taking it lightly, Zak reiterates that some demonic entities will mimic children to lull you into a false sense of security. Morgans wife Erin, says that her husband is normally jovial and kind, but after the incident he became a different person and it almost led to a divorce.

To find out more about the property, they meet up with cultural anthropologist, Paul Draper, who says that there were a lot of documented deaths at the factory as well as a lot of homeless deaths taking place on the property before it became the “Fear Factory.” Curious about the number of deaths on the property, Zak calls researcher Jeff Belanger, who sets up an interview with local fire house captain, Kyle Lavender. Captain Lavender takes the guys for a ride in a fire engine, and recounts he times he’s been called to the location, including an apparent suicide. The man knelt on the train tracks, waited for the next train and was decapitated; his head was found near his body with his baseball cap still on. While that was the only death that the Captain encountered there himself, he states that it was a homeless community so most likely things happened that were never reported. He once responded to a fire at the building and said that when he walking into the building, all that stood in the smokey room was a pair of boots, as if someone had spontaneously combusted.

During their final walk thru of the building, Zak tells the guys that he feels really weird while nearing the doll room. Nick states that he had felt that strange electric feeling when they first toured the building and Aaron admits that at one point he felt a flash of unexplained anger. In nerve center, Billy Tolley and Jay Wasley are monitoring 4 live cameras along with a microphone that has been set up in the tunnels. About 45 minutes after they begin recording, Jay hears strange noises coming from the tunnels where George Howe met his grisly death. The camera near where the sound is picked up suddenly goes out, so Billy runs into the tunnels to survey the scene, but there is nothing down there. About half an hour after Billy returns from the tunnels, Zak, Nick and Aaron meet them in nerve center, where they hear the audio that had been captured live from the tunnels. The trio immediately head into the tunnels and begin the lock down. When the guys come upon the mic that Jay and Billy had placed, Nick hears a strange moan, that is caught on Aaron's camera. The emergency lights suddenly turn on and Billy radios Zak to tell him that the power had just gone out in the entire building. Before the power outage, a series of loud bangs is caught on camera in the Hell Silo.

While wandering through the tunnel, Nick says that he hears someone else walking near them. They check all of the possible exits to make sure that there aren't any openings through which animals or people could get through, but all of the doors are padlocked shut. Zak finds a ladder near the area where the female employee claims that something pushed a ladder from underneath her, and leaves a recorder on one of the rungs. As the emergency lights shut off, meaning power has returned to the main building, Zak hears a deep male voice, which is also caught on the EVP recorder and appears to say "it's coming." Zak stays in the building alone and conducts a spirit box session. “Who is in here with me? What is your first name?” He is met with female voice responding to him, but the answers aren't clear. He then asks who turned the power off and the same female voice comes through. She then says “I did it” possibly taking responsibility for the power outage and other weird things that happened down there.

Chris comes back in with the Satanic ritual book. They send him into the Hell Silo alone, while they monitor him. Once Chris arrives in the Hell Silo, an odd shaped light anomaly is captured on film. While reading from the book, they don’t air the audio to keep the audiences safe. There are issues in filming, so they send Aaron in to assist. A recorder that has been attached to Chris catches a creepy voice whisper something and then laugh. At the same time the voice comes through, Aaron hears it with his own ears. Chris begins to feel woozy, but continues reading from the book. Aaron also feels dizzy, so they have both Aaron and Chris come back to nerve center. They return tired and drained, with Aaron saying he felt a strange energy the whole time. While Chris was reading, the recorder captures a mans voice say “Billy.” Though he wasn’t in the room at the time, while he was setting up equipment in the Hells Silo, he felt that he wasn’t alone the whole time.

Be sure to watch next Saturday when the guys head to Santa Clarita, CA to investigate the Wild West town of Heritage Junction.