'Grimm' Recap: 'Revelation'

Courtesy NBC

Opening Quote: “Still after a short time the family’s distress again worsened, and there was no relief anywhere in sight.”

When last we left Portland, Nick had inadvertently walked in on Monroe arguing with his parents. Recognizing him as a Grimm they momentarily forgot their anger over Monroe marrying a Fuchsbau to attack this more immediate threat to their way of life. Monroe faces them down, but it’s just one more wedge between them. The disappointment on his mother’s face when she learns he’s friend’s with a Grimm is a look we all know well. Her “I don’t even know who you are anymore” to her son as she leaves, breaks what’s left of poor Monroe’s strength for the night. 

When Monroe gathers himself to ask Nick why he came over, Monroe finally figures out that Nick always comes over when he needs help with a case and he tells Nick just that. Personally, I’ve been waiting all season for Monroe to tell him that. In his defense, Nick does look upset at this revelation, so he goes home to ask Juliette for help. If you recall, we have a Wesen serial killer scalping military types to make a really ugly hair cloak. It’s the latest thing for Fashion Week, I’m sure.

Juliette uses her magic internet powers to research Nick’s little problem and comes up with all sorts of fun info about Scythians and the like. It’s not really anything Nick hasn’t figured out from Aunt Marie’s books. The killer meanwhile has met up with a friend in the forest, and they rip apart a Forest Ranger investigating their campfire. Wu quips a bit about the chunks left behind and assumes animals got to the corpse.

Monroe and Rosalee have a talk about the future of their relationship. Rosalee tries to tell him that he will regret marrying her if it rips his family apart, but he decides he doesn’t care. “No one talks to you that way.” he tells her as he calls his folks to set up a more civil meeting. This one doesn’t go very well either. His father knocks everything from Rosalee, to Nick, and even vegetarians. Monroe tearfully tells him that he’s made his decision and leaves. Some time later, as they prepare to leave the hotel, Alice tells her husband that she’s not going with him. She’s staying behind to try and fix things with Monroe. Astonished, he leaves without her.

Juliette shows up at The Spice Shop to see Rosalee. Somehow in the course of asking her how she’s is doing, she spills the case that Nick is working on. Well, Rosalee doesn’t like the sound of this, and seems very concerned. Luckily for everyone, Monroe walks in and Rosalee tells him about the scalpings. Monroe immediately leaves to help Nick with this Caccia Morta aka Wildesheer problem. Essentially, they are seriously bad news. The Wild Hunt as they are known, terrify even other Wesen. As they arrive at Monroe’s house, his dad is waiting on the porch looking for Alice. When he discovers what they are planning on fighting, he is most unhappy and worried for his son. He storms out, but doesn’t go far. As Nick and Monroe head off the Aunt Marie’s Trailer to weapon up, he is watching from across the street.

At the Trailer, Monroe gleefully peruses the weapons again, finally choosing the Ogre gun. As they discuss where to make their stand, wind and thunder rock the Trailer. It looks like the Wild Hunt has finally come for the ultimate prey, a Grimm. There’s going to be a showdown at Aunt Marie’s Trailer! They emerge from the trailer and are faced with the two Wildesheer from the woods. The fight is not really going very well, but just as Nick and Monroe regroup, a third one shows up. Guess who’s been lurking as well? Why it’s Monroe’s dad, who jumps into the fray. Eventually the three emerge victorious by cutting off the attacker’s hair. I’ve really never seen people bleed out from a haircut before, but it works. This seems to give Dad a new perspective on Nick. 

He then tells them a legend that something really bad and world-changing always happens after the Wildesheer show up. Raise your hand if you think it’s Adalind’s baby. The whole family gets together for a very awkward dinner. After Juliette tries to break the silence by asking about the wedding, all the wesen woge out. Nick jumps to his feet holding the carving knife aloft and tells everyone to calm down before they start ripping each other apart. Now, you know they’re a real family when the try to kill each other at dinner.

Meanwhile in Vienna, Stefania sells out Adalind and her baby to Prince Viktor. Sebastian dutifully reports this disturbing turn to Capt. Renard, who immediately tells him to get Adalind out of there. Renard then calls Adalind and tells her about the betrayal and imminent rescue. She is reluctant but then he pulls the “I know the baby’s mine” routine and Meisner and Sebastian are knocking at the door. Before they can get away two Verat show up. Meisner manages to shoot one and Adalind’s baby kills the other one by flying a pen into his eyeball. Yeah, this kid is going to be a bundle of joy. 

The three fugitives quickly drive away and they tell Adalind they are all in the Resistance, even Renard. That kind of seems like a secret she shouldn’t know, am I right? Sebastian drops them off in the middle of the woods. I wonder if it’s the Black Forest? Anyway, Meisner has an old family lodge hidden in the woods and he and Adalind trek off into the dark. After they get the place warmed up and he gets the pregnant woman fed and put to bed, Adalind suddenly starts to have labor pains. It looks like Meisner is going to be delivering our little bundle of Hexenbeist joy next week!

The next episode of "Grimm," ‘Mommy Dearest’ airs Friday, March 7 at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.