Peter Parker is Back with a New Villain

You may have heard that Peter Parker is coming back with the next volume of Amazing Spider-man as part of the All-New Marvel NOW. In fact, you may have read about it right here on this very website!

More news is coming out of the Marvel camp regarding Peter's return and it involves a new villain. Beginning with issue #1.1 (to be released May 7, so don't confuse this with the real #1 which is due to be released on April 30), Spidey writer, Dan Slott, has written a five issue series dealing with some of the historical and character development aspects of Peter Parker in an arc being called "Learning to Crawl."

"Learning to Crawl" is being given a treatment similar to Season One that Marvel has used for other titles such as X-Men, Fantastic Four, and Spider-man where a piece of the past is explored. In this case, it's specifically the first sixty days for Peter as Spider-man. You have to imagine that it can be difficult for a writer and an artist to try and incorporate the older feel of that vintage time in writing and art.

In fact, artist Ramon Perez went back to the original work done by the legendary Steve Ditko to evoke the feel of the original days of Peter Parker's journey. This was especially challenging when coming up with a new villain, dubbed Clash. Perez states that he wanted that iconic, old school feeling in costume design and so kept things simple and refrained from adding too many tiny and/or unnecessary details.

Check out Clash, Spidey, and other classic characters in Amazing Spider-man #1.1 to #1.5 starting May 7.

-David Berck