'The Walking Dead' Recap: 'Alone'

Courtesy AMC

And here we are again, out in the damn wilderness, but this time it’s a flashback to when Bob, Daryl, and Glenn first met. I’m sorry, guys, but lately this half of the season has been a snooze fest. I am trying to be optimistic, but this thing is just dragging on and on. I’ve got to tell you though, I miss Daryl’s poncho/leather jacket combo.

Back to the present—Bob, Sasha, and Maggie are in the mist and fending off walkers. Everyone, walkers included, look dirty and sweaty. Bob gets bitten, but only on a bandage. I guess he’s okay? Sasha looks relieved.

Beth and Daryl are still together. While trying to kill a walker with Daryl’s crossbow, she steps into a bear trap? I don’t know anything about traps. It’s some sort of a trap. Since her foot is all messed up, Daryl gives Beth a piggyback ride through a cemetery. Ohhhh, they end up holding hands while looking at an old ass grave. Due to the look in their eyes, I’m guessing it reminds them of Hershel.

Maggie is still on the hunt for Glenn. Sasha, Bob, and she happen upon the Terminus sign that Carol, Ty, and the kids found previously. Maggie thinks they should go there to look for Glenn looking for Maggie. Not a bad plan. Sasha is skeptical, but they proceed anyway. As Maggie gathers firewood, Sasha tells Bob that she thinks that they shouldn’t proceed to Terminus because she thinks they’ll die. Bob suspects that there is another reason. Sasha thinks that Glenn is dead, and that they shouldn’t bother forging on.

Daryl and Beth happen upon a funeral parlor that is well-stocked. They end up feasting on peanut butter and pig’s feet. Daryl ends up hanging out in a casket while Beth sings and plays the piano. He’s got the sex eye and totally wants to bone her, but she’s a little oblivious. Daryl realizes that someone is staying at the funeral parlor because the food doesn’t have dust on it, and tells Beth that they will only take what food they need. He rigs a trap at the door, and it ends up going off. It turns out to be just a one-eyed dog.

Maggie ends up leaving Sasha and Bob. Bob wants to catch up with her, so hesitantly, Sasha joins him. Maggie ends up killing a walker and savagely ripping it apart to write a note for Glenn with its blood. Sasha comments on Bob’s weird, goofy grin. He tells her that it’s that he’s not alone. Later, after finding Maggie’s bloody note to Glenn, Bob and Sasha have another heart-to-heart. Bob tells Sasha that he knows that she thinks Ty is dead, and that is why she doesn’t want to go to Terminus and find out.

Back at the funeral home, Daryl’s homemade alarm goes off again. He opens the door thinking it’s the dog, but it ends up being a group of walkers. Since Daryl is super in love with Beth now, he tells her to run off. He ends up killing a bunch of walkers and getting away from them just as he sees a car speeding off with Beth. Who are these apocalyptic kidnappers?

Sasha and Glenn forge on and happen upon another bloody handwritten note from Maggie instructing Glenn to go to Terminus. Bob suggests that they keep to the tracks and up their pace so they can catch up to her. Bob and Sasha happen upon a warehouse, and Sasha suggests that they stay there for shelter. Bob heads out to look for Maggie, and Sasha goes to the warehouse. She climbs up to the top of the warehouse and knocks out a window noticing Maggie lying on the ground. Why is she lying on the ground!?

Sasha comes out and helps Maggie kill the rest of the walkers. After they go all psycho on the walkers, Maggie confesses that she heard Sasha tell Bob that she thought Glenn was dead. Sasha admits that she’s afraid of what happened to Ty. They both decide to go find Bob together and head to Terminus. They find him and everyone smiles like mules eating briars.

Daryl is totally freaking out that his new lover girl is gone. He’s just about to give up on life when the group of scallywags that happened upon Rick previously, show up. Are they Beth’s kidnappers?
In the last shot we see Glenn looking at a Terminus sign. FADE OUT.

Smaller Bites:
-What’s the deal with this Terminus place? I worry that it’s a trap, but who knows.
-Next week’s episode looks like it might be juicy. I hope so because these last few have been lacking.
-I want to know when and if everyone is going to meet up. Right now we have the Ty/Carol/kids group, Rick/Michonne/Carl group, Sasha/Bob group, Glenn (what happened to Tara), Daryl, and Beth and the kidnappers.
-Was it the creepy mortician that got Beth or some other nefarious survivor?

Next Sunday’s "The Walking Dead," “The Grove,” will air on March 16 on AMC at 9:00 p.m. ET. Check out a preview...