The Walking Dead Recap: "Us"

After last weeks traumatizing episode, "The Grove," audiences needed a little bit of a breather, perhaps some good news? Or a least a little Daryl Dixon to distract from what happened.

The episode begins with a pointless nerdy conversation here between Tara and Eugene. Abraham later asks Tara if her motivation for helping Glenn is due to her unrequited love for him, but says he realized that she was looking down Rosita’s shirt. Dude, we all know Tara is only helping Glenn because she feels guilty about getting Hershel’s head chopped off. Well, maybe not the proximate cause, but she definitely didn’t help.

Glenn finally sees the sign from Maggie and takes off running. I feel that he might be feeling pretty randy and anxious at this point.

In other news, Carl, Rick, and Michonne are still together and just having the time of their lives. I want to know what kind of candy bar Michonne was carrying in her pocket because I, as a current resident of Georgia, know that there’s no way a candy bar could survive a pocket in Georgia in summer/spring/fall/most of winter.

Meanwhile Daryl and the other skanks are having issues. Len tries to kill the same rabbit that Daryl is shooting at which causes a riff. The main guy settles the disagreement by chopping Peter Cottontail in half, but not before Len says something inappropriate about banging young girls. Ooookkkkayyyy.

Glenn, Abraham, Eugene, Tara, and Rosita almost stop to take a break, but Glenn is not ready to stop. As they pause to look at a tower, a walker almost falls on them, and Tara gets injured. Since Tara is a coo-coo bird, she decides to walk on her injured leg so she can accompany Glenn (out of duty, of course.) They keep walking and see a darkened overpass that Maggie wrote on. Glenn decides that they should walk through the creepy darkened passageway because Maggie did. Since Abraham’s main concern is keeping Eugene safe, Glenn offers him the riot gear for them to keep going on to D.C. Eugene, Abraham, and Rosita decide to head back but give Glenn and Tara some of their supplies. I guess they’re not so bad even if they’re delusional.

Daryl and the army of skanks enter a garage and claim places to sleep. Daryl isn’t too happy with the “claim” rule that the group has, so he just sleeps on the bare concrete. Daryl is hardcore.

Glenn and Tara encounter more walkers than they bargained for, but Glenn won’t move on until he sees that Maggie isn’t one of them. Although the other three forged on without Glenn and Tara, Eugene decides to go back and get them. He tricks Rosita into driving back to the area where he thinks Glenn and Tara would be. Unfortunately, Tara gets trapped by a giant rock in the darkened tunnel and things look bleak, but hark! Someone comes to save them! It’s Eugene, Abraham, and Rosita. Apparently they find Maggie! And Sasha! And Bob!

The army of skanks have their own set of rules which doesn’t allow lying and stealing. Daryl asks what happens if you violate the rules. Leader skank tells him that they kick your ass if you lie, and they kill you if you steal. Len plants the rabbit in Daryl’s pack and tells them that he took it out of his stuff. Well, fortunately, Joe saw Len try to deceive them, and they kick his ass. As they leave later on, Daryl sees Len’s corpse on the ground. Well, I guess that settles that. As they continue on Joe tells Daryl that they are pursuing this creep that killed one of their men. Daryl doesn’t know that the creep they’re hunting is Rick, but we do see the candy bar wrapper on the tracks that Michonne and Carl had earlier. They’re definitely hot on their trail. I guess littering is not an issue in the zombie apocalypse.

Maggie, Glenn, and the others finally reach Terminus. I can’t pinpoint it, but there’s something creepy about that place. Why is only the one hippy woman visible? Is this Waco?

Smaller Bite:
*What’s going to happen when Joe and his not-so merry men catch up with Rick?
*Will Daryl find Beth soon?
*Where are Carol and Ty?
*Is Terminus really a safe haven or something far more sinister?

The season 4 finale of The Walking Dead, “A,” airs next Sunday, March 30 at 9:00 P.M. EST. Catch a sneak peek here!