'Aliens: The Official Movie Novelization' Coming this April From Titan

Courtesy Amazon
According to Dread Central, Titan Books is releasing “Aliens: The Official Movie Novelization” on April 29, 2014 in the US and May 16, 2014 in the UK. The novelization is Alan Dean Foster’s adaptation of the movie sequel by James Cameron and will feature the return of Ellen Ripley and of course the many characters and action-packed goodness for which “Aliens” is known.

In the sequel, Ellen Ripley is forced to return to planet LV-426 where her crew faced the hostile Alien creature. There they discover the planet has been colonized, revealing hundreds of eggs. Accompanied by a unit of Colonial Marines, their firepower may not be enough to help them survive and learn the fate of the colony known as Hadley’s Hope.

-Ashley Adriance