Butch Patrick Working to Save Haunted House

Courtesy FEARNET
Butch Patrick, better known as Eddie Munster, is working to save a home from being destroyed. While most will immediately think of his manor on Mockingbird Lane, the home in question actually belonged to his grandmother.

The Victorian home in Macon, Missouri was purchased by Patrick's grandmother when he was a child. There, he spent time visiting with family and continued to visit even after his grandmother passed away. In an interview with FOX411, the former child star reveals "Every 20 years or so I would drive by the house to visit and last time I went by, I found it was in foreclosure and it was close to being wrecked[...] So what I'm doing right now is, I'm working with the banks to try to save it and lo and behold, it turns out it's haunted."

He states that his sister and grandmother experienced paranormal activity within the home, but he did not, as he didn't spend much time inside because was too busy playing outside. He states that he has had professionals come into the home to investigate and that they claim there are around 13 entities residing there.

After starring on "The Munsters," which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, Patrick spent time traveling with Bonnie Vent, a "paranormal consultant," to some of the nations most haunted locations. "I have felt some interesting things going on, although I've never actually physically seen something[...]I've felt something pass through me before, which is really scary," Patrick told FOX411.

The actor is currently working on a "coffin-table-book" that will feature fan stories of "The Munsters." To hear more from Patrick, check out the full interview, and best of luck in saving that haunted house!

-Nowal Massari