Coldplay Hides 'Ghost Stories' Lyrics in ...Ghost Stories Worldwide

Oh you clever boy, Chris Martin, father of Apple and Moses. So Coldplay has a new album coming out on May 19 titled "Ghost Stories," and to drum up buzz about it, the band has hidden lead singer Martin's handwritten lyric sheets in libraries worldwide for fans to find.

Beginning today, the band's Twitter account will post clues as to the exact locations of the lyric sheets in nine different countries. Using the hashtag #lyricshunt, fans are encouraged to check out ghost story books in libraries and help solve the clues to find an envelope containing the lyric sheets. As the lyrics are discovered, a photo will be posted online for all to see. Also, one of the envelopes will contain a "Golden Ticket" and a free trip to London's Albert Hall for a July 1 concert (so that probably rules out London as the location of the Golden Ticket, unless Coldplay is feeling really cheap).

As if you didn't already have a good reason to visit the library and start paging through cool ghost stories, the biggest (or second biggest, if you ask U2) rock band in the world just gave you an incentive to dust off the old library card.

-Aaron Sagers