'Face Off' Recap: 'Industrial Revolution'

Courtesy Syfy

Five artists remain this week on “Face Off” as they tackle a huge challenge. Meeting up with McKenzie at Union Station, they learn that this week’s Spotlight Challenge involves a futuristic twist on various occupations. Artists must choose an occupation and create the robot that has created that professional's place in the workforce.

Tyler - Surgeon
Daran - Photographer
George - Hairdresser
Rashaad - Firefighter
Niko - Construction Worker

Their robots must display an extreme functional advantage over their human counterparts. They are also told that they cannot go for the obvious and they need to make bold choices to surprise the judges this week.

Because the challenge is so large, the artists get an extra day in the lab this week to let them finish their designs. Automatically, George isn’t too pleased with the idea of having to fabricate a lot for this challenge so he makes the decision to sculpt a lot of his pieces. When Michael Westmore arrives in the lab, George tells him of his idea about the chest piece for his robot to which Mr. Westmore advises him to rethink and change his design or it won’t read the way he would like it to. George takes this advice but again is struggling with time because he’s sculpting everything. He’s afraid that if he tries to fabricate again, he could risk going home.

Tyler begins putting pieces together on a body suit for his model to wear and he’s feeling pretty confident about how much work he is getting done until he realizes that the mannequin he is working with is six feet tall and his model is only five feet tall. He’s hoping he didn’t waste all his time putting it all together and it doesn’t fit his model.

Niko is tirelessly working on his body suit for his robot when Rashaad notices that Niko has glued the joints together; which won’t allow for his model to move his arms. He doesn’t have the time to redo the entire suit so he has to find a way to undo his mistake and allow his model free movement in the suit.

After day three in the lab, the guys head back to the house to relax from all the stress. Daran is especially stressed out, missing his motorcycle and his girlfriend. To his surprise, the guys have remembered that today is his birthday and have made cupcakes for everyone. It was a nice gesture for Daran and it was a great way to alleviate the stress from the competition for everyone.

Final day in the lab, the artists rush to complete their robots and apply them to their models and rush to last looks where they struggle to the finish. Once complete they join McKenzie on the “Face Off” reveal stage with judges Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill, and Neville Page where their creations take center stage. After closer looks and one-on-one critiques, Tyler, Rashaad, and George were top looks this week.

The judges really loved Tyler’s robot and his great decision making on the different layers on the face. Rashaad’s firefighter robot definitely looked heroic and was the best thing he has shown the judges to date. They really believed it was built for a specific task and it looked like it had been through hell and back. Finally, George’s robot was beautiful with elegant line work. Glenn also loved the bizarre chest piece design because it fit the design of the robot.

On bottom this week were Daran’s photographer robot. Daran stressed to the judges that he’s never done a robot. The judges were quite harsh on him this week saying that because Daran doesn’t do robots it could make him unemployable. They weren’t impressed by the design of Daran’s robot with his huge head and rubber vest like chest piece. Also on bottom looks was Niko. The judges could tell he had done a lot of work this week but his robot was clunky and not proportioned right. They definitely think Niko’s robot was fun but it wasn’t cohesive enough for what they were looking for.

Winner - Rashaad
Eliminated - Daran

Next Tuesday’s new episode, “Bloodsuckers” airs at 9 p.m. ET on Syfy.