'Game of Thrones' Theme Song Gets Sexy with 'Game of Moans'

Just when you thought "Game of Thrones" couldn't get any sexier, the folks at WoodRocket.com swoop in to prove you wrong! The creators behind "Game of Bones" and "Memes I'd Like to F**k" proudly present "Game of Moans," a tongue in cheek version of the titular theme song to the hot HBO hit.

What makes this version different from others? To create the "Game of Moans," the WoodRocket team took some of the sexiest sounding moans from popular adult films and edited them into the actual "Game of Thrones" theme song!

Check out the "Game of Moans- Shield Edition" for yourself by clicking here. But please remember, though it's the censored version, it's still NSFW or any young eyes and ears!

-Nowal Massari