George Takei to Host 'Saturday Night Live'...APRIL FOOL!

Update: He got us! We suspected but were hoping it was true. Good one, Uncle George!

Oh myyyy! Trekkies, geeks, and well...humans in general, rejoice! George Takei has officially announced via not only his very popular Facebook page but also via the Huffington Post, that he'll be hosting a future episode of "Saturday Night Live."

He starts by saying, "I've waited years to say these words. After a Facebook petition propelled Betty White to be invited to host 'Saturday Night Live' back in 2010, fans of mine have clamored for me to receive a similar invitation. I demurred, but the fans kept up their pressure. And then, last week, the network called to work out the details with my husband and unofficial scheduler, Brad."

Modestly, Takei wondered why he should be hosting the iconic program. Really, George? Because you're awesome and SNL thinks so too, "You're more than just Sulu from Star Trek these days. You've got millions of followers on Facebook and Twitter. You've got not one but two books out. You're appearing in a Broadway show" -- meaning Allegiance, inspired by my childhood experience in U.S. Internment camps -- "and now you've even launched your own fragrance. People with a lot less going on have been on."

No official date for his appearance has been set but he revealed that he's already working on his monologue and he promises it will "raise some eyebrows." We'll keep you posted on when he'll finally be taking the stage. Hopefully this is not an April Fool's joke!

-Larissa Mrykalo