HBO GO Makes Things Awkward With 'Game Of Thrones,' 'Family Viewing' Campaign

HBO appreciates that some of its programming may be great genre fare, but not great genre fare to watch with the parentals. From the steamy sex scenes in "True Blood" to the incest in "Game of Thrones," a new marketing campaign for HBO GO, the streaming service for HBO subscribers, targets Millennials who may want to watch those shows on their own.

Titled "Awkward Family Viewing,"the videos from SS+K will run on BuzzFeed and HBO’s YouTube and Twitter sites. According to a press release, HBO's college Campus Agents will also "share the campaign videos across social networks and create content featuring their own awkward HBO viewing moments with family and friends through Instagram, Vine, etc. using #HBOGOplease."

“There are plenty of great moments in our shows that you don’t necessarily want to watch with mom and dad,” said Chris Spadaccini, Senior Vice President of Brand Marketing at HBO. “One of the many benefits of HBO GO is that it allows subscribers to watch their favorite HBO shows in private, without fear of parental interruption.”

Check out a couple of the awkward ones, directed by David Shane from O Positive Films...

-Aaron Sagers