Lawsuit Might Delay 'Conjuring' Sequel, 'Annabelle' Spin-Off

According to The Huffington Post, a lawsuit might delay when movie audiences might get scared again by a "Conjuring" sequel.

The site reports a lawsuit filed in Texas, filed by production company Evergreen Media Group and producer Tony Derosa-Grund, alleges that Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema did not "adequately compensate" them for the continued case files of famed paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. Of course, the Warrens' work was the basis for last summer's box office hit, "The Conjuring."

Reports HuffPost, "According to the suit, New Line was granted rights to less than 1 percent of the Warrens' case files in exchange for a purchase price and for giving DeRosa-Grund a credit and employment as a producer. The plaintiffs claim that further expansion of the franchise entitles them to more compensation."

That further expansion includes an announced Halloween 2015 "Conjuring" sequel, based on another Warren case, as well as a spin-off movie about an evil doll, called "Annabelle."

The lawsuit also alleges that DeRosa-Grund is owed additional money from Warner/New Line for "refusing to pay him the five percent gross profits he says he was promised for his work on the first film, which grossed about $320 million."

The lawsuit could delay another Warren adventure (once again starring Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga) from hitting the screens, as well as the chance for a creepy doll flick, but all parties involved probably want to make a lot of money off the films. So it would be my editorial guess we'll see this case settled quickly and out of court.

-Aaron Sagers