Stadium 'Ghost' Runs Through Soccer Fans

Courtesy Fox Sports/YouTube
Un Fantasma! Was the dark figure darting through the stands and looking like it was passing directly through the spectators at this soccer game, a ghost? According to Nine MSN, "The human silhouette was captured moving through the bleachers during a Fox Sports live transmission of Bolivia's The Strongest versus Defensor Sporting, of Uruguay, in La Paz's Hernando Siles Stadium on Thursday."

Apparently this is not the first time spectral activity has occurred in this city's oldest stadium and another figure was purportedly seen near its northern end. The article mentioned that skeptics are labeling this as a "reflection or double exposure of one of the players on the field." All we know is that it looks strange and that the addition of "The X-Files" theme in the background makes it extra fantasmatastic (not a word, but it should be?).

Check out the video below and let us know what you think is running around in this stadium...

-Larissa Mrykalo