'Three Pillars' Paranormal Card Game Debuts at Phenomacon

A new card game that allows you to "play the paranormal" debuted this weekend in one of the most haunted places on Earth, Gettysburg. "The Three Pillars: A Paranormal Card Game" became available for purchase at Phenomacon which began on Thursday, April 10 thanks to the cats at CORE games.

The Three Pillars represent the three key "players" or components of a successful paranormal investigation; psychic, skeptic, and scientist. Demos and a tournament Friday evening introduced paranormal enthusiasts to the game which is described below:

THE THREE PILLARS is a fast-paced, witty game of checks and balances that celebrates the paranormal community while gently satirizing the drama that is often encountered within it. Assemble your team, visit haunted locations and submit evidence to close the cases - but be warned - not only must you deal with Murphy's Law, but with other paranormal teams investigating the same places as you - and chances are, they won't be helpful. Never before has Paranormal Division been so fun!

I got to not only speak with the two developers of the game, Brian J. Cano (tech manager for Syfy's "Haunted Collector") and Chris Mancuso ("SCARED!") but also some of the gamers who got to enjoy a first look at The Three Pillars. When I asked Brian why they decided to create the game, he noted that it was a way for paranormal investigators to "enjoy investigating even when not on an actual case" and also a way for gamers to enjoy a fast-paced game with familiar elements of the paranormal. He's quoted as saying, "When the paranormal world zigs, we zag."

Two 14-year-old boys were at the table for hours on Friday so I just had to ask them what they thought. The one young man had already played seven games of it that day and said he liked that it was "family friendly." His buddy said that it was fun and he liked the competition. Both are interested in the paranormal and cite that "Haunted Collector" and "A Haunting" are their favorite para-programs to watch.

"Currently, it's a stand alone game but expansions are already in the works.", says Cano. The game can be purchased for $29.99 by clicking here.

-Larissa Mrykalo